WRITING TO SELL: Do You Want to Know How?


Is writing to sell something you want more help with?

Do you want more resources, free and paid, to help you write to sell? Seriously, let me know!

Imagine writing 5 simple social media tips that you post to LinkedIn and a stranger who started his own tech-med company emails to hire you. The post took you practically no time at all, and as a result of it, you sign a client who turns into more than $50k revenue in your business. (Yeah, I did that.)

Imagine writing for Huffington Post before eventually helping clients do the sam and a lawyer in Arizona discovers your content, and after a brief email exchange, becomes a client to the tune of $6k. (Yeah, I did that.)

Imagine you write a post in, oh, 5 minutes and within 16 minutes, you’ve made two sales, with a third rolling in later that hour. (Yeah, I did that, and this time the ‘pull’ was just $15, but it just goes to show… Your writing can easily generate you money in a matter of minutes.)

Take this seriously: When you write with the intention to give AND move people into a solution that serves them, you are doing good work AND making money.

I want to see you OUTEARN YOURSELF.

Part of how I do that is helping you embrace how valuable and attractive you and your offers are, and then I help you communicate that to the people who can invest with you!

Depending on the level we work together, I can help you with communicate your offers through prompts, templates, and other tools, or we can do deeper! In private coaching, I tune into the energy of your business to support you with specific content ideas and language. I keep tabs on you and your efforts to show up, serve, and sell and constantly help you fine-tune to make more money serving more people. 😘

Have you signed up for my free email course, OUTEARN YOURSELF? This course will help you with the mindset foundation required to write posts that sell, and more than that, it can help you raise your rates this week.

Visit signup.outearnyourself.com to get started with the free email course.

Ready For MUCH MORE SUPPORT Than a Free Course?

Things Get Very Personal in Private Coaching!

If you already KNOW you’re ready to go deep and get started with private coaching, I have 3 spots open as of writing this, and I’d love to hear from you.

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