Using Money to Add More Ease & Beauty to Life *And a way to manifest $10K in 10 Days*


Intentionally, to make my life smoother and more beautiful.


❤️ Bought set of chairs and table for my balcony so that I can enjoy my view of Pennypack Park and warming temps in Philly

❤️ Bought a clear bubble Totes umbrella (the 60s style) which (a) I’ve literally wanted since I was a kid and (b) keeps me much dryer than the free umbrella I got from a company that put their logo on it

❤️ Pay for Amazon Prime so that I can have quick shipping

❤️ Occasionally order grocery delivery so that I don’t have to walk or ask someone for a ride and also saving me time spent in store

❤️ Bought a rechargable amber-toned book light so that I can read at night without the lamp on and without further tiring my eyes

❤️ Spent 10% of what I had in my checking account on a perfect stranger without asking for it back because it felt really blissful to release that money

❤️ Spent $10 on Billboard Bluetooth headphones to replace the $1 earbuds I bought at Dollar Tree that never actually stay in my ears so that I can take walks without constantly touching my ears

COMMENT BELOW: What did your recently do with your money that made life less bumpy and more beautiful?

With love,
Rosella LaFevre
Business Coach

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