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The simplest way to turn thoughts to things? The Sponsoring Thought.

What’s a Sponsoring Thought?

A Sponsoring Thought is described by Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations With God series, as “a deep-seated initial idea that we already have what we are not now experiencing.”

Below I share with you my favorite example from my life of a Sponsoring Thought, and how it helped me turn thoughts to things (or, an experience that changed my life!).

How a Sponsoring Thought Can Turn Thoughts to Things

How it works:

1) Know what you want.
2) Figure out one thought that would absolutely make you equal to the desired outcome. You can call this one thought a Sponsoring Thought.
3) Play with the thought (thinking it over, writing it, saying it aloud, and letting it take root).

Before I manifested the love of my life, I came to deeply believe I was the world’s best girlfriend (and this was when I had no boyfriend to speak of) and that whoever I ended up with would be the world’s luckiest man.

I was 18 when we met and we’re celebrating our 9th anniversary next month.

That Sponsoring Thought that said I’m the world’s best girlfriend is absolutely a HUGE reason why my soulmate showed up for me. By repeatedly playing with that idea, I made it feel real that I already had the kind of love I desired and deserved, and that paved the way for him to show up!

Other Examples of Sponsoring Thoughts to Help You Turn Thoughts to Things

If you wanted to make a lot of money, you could practice a Sponsoring Thought like, “Money finds me irresistible.”

If you wanted to travel the world, you could practice a Sponsoring Thought like, “I am a citizen of the world.”

If you want to get pregnant and be a mother, you could practice a Sponsoring Thought like, “I’m the best mom in the world.”

If you wanted to make the investment in LONG-HAUL MASTERY and turn it into amazing long-term manifestations, you might practice a Sponsoring Thought like “I’m a Long-Haul Master like Rosella and manifesting long-term good is so freaking easy.” 😉

Comment below the Sponsoring Thought you’re going to play with!

After you leave your comment, go read about how to manifest your soulmate!

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You can call Rosella LaFevre the Long-Haul Master because she's *that* good at creating life experiences that stand the test of time. As a Manifestation Teacher, she shows others how to create long-term experiences like her own 8+ years of soulmate love, 5+ years of freedom from emotional abuse, and 4+ years of Penthouse living. Her signature course, Long-Haul Mastery, walks students through her 5-step manifesting process. She’s been featured on Huffington Post, Sivana East, and The Positivity Boss Podcast, among others. Rosella lives with her boyfriend Chris and their cat Tootsie in a Penthouse apartment overlooking Philadelphia’s Pennypack Park.


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