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What’s that?

The Truthletter is refreshingly honest writing about my efforts — both successful and not — to Create a Life Beyond Belief.

You’re sure to relate!
You’ll enjoy some laughs.
You might shed tears now and then.
You’ll abso-positively experience perspective shifts.
And my ultimate goal in sharing this work?

Reading my Truthletter helps YOU Create a Life Beyond Belief for yourself, however you desire it!

Here’s some of the bits o’ goodness, wisdom, and humor to show you what you’ll get from Truthletter:

→ “I was literally contemplating, Am I this person: the one who actually wakes up every day at the same time to an alarm? Am I the kind of person who chooses an old-timey, two-bells type situation, or the kind of person who chooses a small battery-operated one in a bright color, or am I the kind of person who gets a big bitch that plugs into the wall? HIGH STAKES PURCHASE!”

→ “I NOW can recognize that (1) Yes I did successfully manifest in all situations I’ve ever lived through really pretty acceptable outcomes [I can celebrate my power as a creator!] and (2) I was simply putting my stock/faith in the wrong concept; it wasn’t the worry thoughts I practiced that helped me to manifest acceptable outcomes but surrender! When situations looked really, really dire, I surrendered through pleading with God to help me out. In less dire situations, I simply, at some point, chose that I’d worried enough and I could/would live with whatever the outcome was.”

(Keep reading for my take on what it means to tell your truth, and what most people leave out when they talk about how you should tell your truth!)

→ “What have you wanted, and felt pain (maybe unbearable pain) not having the experience of, that you haven’t yet received? Is there some way that you’ve confused the feelings you’re meant to have in the PROCESS of the thing with the feelings your ego tells you won’t be felt until you have a specific result? If you can simply IDENTIFY the way this has been present for you, you’ve done deep, damn important work today!”

→ “BELIEF. Normal is about beliefs. Outside of normal? That’s BEYOND BELIEF for so many! And when you accomplish something that isn’t normal? Others can have a hard time believing. It seems incredible to them. They sometimes become incredulous about your success…. IDK about you, babe, but that’s my ultimate goal: To BE so far outside normal, to live a life beyond common belief, so as to make at least some people incredulous.”

→ “[H]hoping to experience — preparing to experience — a life beyond belief doesn’t mean your current life is bad. We can challenge the beliefs that created our “perfectly adequate” or good lives and move into a life beyond those beliefs…. By the way… The return policy on beliefs is simple. All are accepted whence they came. You simply pay the restocking fee: Your old identity.”

→ “I’ve gone from a woman who simply hoped never to gain enough to have to wear a bigger size, to believing I was worthy of feeling physically better, to now knowing that I am capable of losing weight. My body is capable of miracles. I CAN look the way I’ve always wanted to look, and I can enjoy the journey to that ‘end result’.”

The Origins of Truthletter

There’s a deep sensual pleasure in my body about my decision to relaunch Truthletter. This is an elevation of the work I did when I started my first blog under the pseudonym Vered when was 17.

That was when I started writing about my life. Through the act of sharing my writing where others could find it, I sought to give meaning to my struggle because I thought, just maybe, things wouldn’t get better for me, and I hoped that even if my life sucked forever and ever, others might get to live a better life because I told others how to avoid my shit sundae. LOL

In 2017, as I wrote daily about my life, I was achieving new depths with my inner work, and felt guided to give my daily writing practice a name: TRUTHLETTING. And tired of the lead magnet thing that all “internet marketers” do at the time, I decided “fuuuuuuucq that noise, I’m going to rally people who appreciate honest writing about life by offering to deliver my daily Truthletting to them via email.” And it did just as well as previous bribes-to-subscribe had done in my coaching business.

At the time, I also published an ebook about creating a Truthletting practice. The book’s title is Dare to Share: Letting What’s Inside Out to Attract & Convert Your Soulmate Clients.

Now I’m relaunching Truthletter. I’m adding a few bonuses that will make signing up even more fun, insightful and transformational for you! (Keep reading for the deets!)

The power and beauty of the practice of truthletting, especially the way I do it, is that where I used to write to give meaning to my struggle, I write about transcending the struggle.

Now I write from the confidence and conviction that life definitely is always getting better and there is much one can do to lubricate the process so things get better at more and more rapid speed.

Look, I Need You to Know This About What It Means to Tell My Truth…

Here’s what I really need you to hear about what it means to tell your truth, because I’ve seen a lot of people preach that others should “speak their truth” without these very important reminders:

  • Your truth can, and maybe even often DOES, change.
  • It’s OK to be FIGURING things out, and to document the figuring-them-out process.
  • There IS value in taking care to not do harm. To me this most frequently means not publishing when you’re angry or annoyed; go ahead and write angry but maybe wait to hit send until after you’ve gotten a few deep breaths in and have taken care to understand what your READER is getting from your truth-of-the-moment. In fact, I think it’s always a good practice to set the intention for what your reader will get from a piece of your #Truthletting, write it, and then review it to see if the reader will get from it what you wanted them to get from it. Do it for you; give consideration to “them.” (There’s so much more I could say on this, but I’ll save that for another time…)
  • Your TRUTH is more than an opinion. It’s the experiences that FORMED the opinion. It’s the ways your brain upholds your opinion as fact (hello, reticular activating system and other neural functions!)

This is a Tool of the Movement to Help You & So Many Others Create a Life Beyond Belief

Yes, I’m so excited to model all of these things in Truthletter and to share the conscious choices I make that move me beyond my current comfort zone (or “belief zone”) and Create a Life Beyond Belief!

I’ve done it before!

I worked through my doubt that love exists and I manifested my soulmate, with whom I’ve enjoyed nearly 10 years of unconditional love.

I worked through my belief that I was somehow worthy of sleeping on bedbug-infested couches and manifested a Penthouse apartment, where we’ve lived for five years.

I worked through the idea that I would forever be “fat” and I’ve manifested going from a size 16/18 to a 14 in just five months!

These are just some of the ways I’ve created a life beyond belief and I’ve shared the story of these experiences in my Truthletter.

How Others Respond to Truthletter

And documenting it all in my Truthletting practice is such a gift to myself and, totally bragging here because I deserve to, has helped so many others! The responses are heartwarming. Just see for yourself:

● “You just continually amaze me with your honesty and sharing of your experiences!”
● “You are a refreshing face and vibe in a sea of coaching and that matters greatly.”
● “You’re an inspirational powerhouse! I’ve manifested big things in the past, but I somehow got out of that energy. I’m excited to keep learning from you.”

● “Powerful stuff there, lady”
● “This post is amazing! Your message is so well-timed to encourage me even more to follow the unique business ideas I’ve been hatching. Thank you for that.”
● “This has been a topic my brain and heart have been in conflict over the last month or so. Fortunately, my brain is starting to see a little bit that when my heart gets to write for me, people connect. Thanks for putting all this into words, Rosella!”
● “You are a brave, sexy badass. Way to claim the pain.”

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✓ MONTHLY PRAYER CIRCLE: My prayers for other people werk and it’s truly so magical to open myself up to pray for YOU. How it works in brief: You’ll get access to the form where you can tell me what you want to receive for yourself or for your loved ones. When I receive your request for a prayer, I’ll feel and express gratitude for you/your loved ones receiving the thing you wrote about. I’ll write a roundup of the prayers I’ve prayed and email the roundup on the 10th of every month. (I’ll only share the initials of the names of the people I pray for.)

✓ “LUXURIATE IN THE HAVING OF IT” MANIFESTING MEDITATION: Listen to this meditation, feel the feelings of the things you want to manifest, and experience the peace of knowing it’s on its way.

Hopefully you don’t need any convincing at this point and are itching to subscribe! And all this beauty and goodness is FREE!

Hallelujah! Now go and

Create a Life Beyond Belief!

xoxo Rosella
October 4, 2019

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