Law of Attraction SUCKS!? 3 Problems with LOA

It’s true. The verdict is in. Law of Attraction SUCKS. . . . At least the way most (other) people teach it! When did you first hear about the Law of Attraction? I was about 14 when I watched The Secret with a parent. This was my introduction to the concept. And before the movie […]

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Self-Nurturing 101: Out Of Your Head, Into Your Body

In the age of Grubhub, Instacart, and free-2-day-shipping from Amazon, it’s super easy to go days without leaving the house. But truth be told, if you’re not practiced at getting out of your head and into your body, any excuse could hold you captive. The process of manifesting, when you do it well, entails taking […]

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Manifesting Q&A: Answering Your Manifestation Questions
I can answer your manifestation question

I get asked questions about how to manifest, and I LOVE answering! Today’s post is a roundup of some recent manifesting questions you’ve had for me, along with my responses. Today, I’m answering a manifestation question on finding blocks to manifesting, another on what it means when it didn’t show up on your deadline, and […]

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Curious About Quitting Sugar? Read This!
Quitting Sugar is no cake walk

Intuition told me in April 2018 to cut out gluten and it was the easiest lifestyle change I’d ever made. The benefits have been motivation to remain gluten-free. Recently, I was guided to go sugar-free too… Sugar addiction isn’t agreed upon by scientists but maaaaan, it’s gotta be a real thing. It’s been years that […]

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Manifest Your Soulmate: 3 Powerful Tips

I daresay I found my soulmate early in life because of these 3 powerful tips I’m going to share with you today. Ready to read these 3 powerful tips to help you manifest your soulmate? It was a month before my 19th birthday when I saw a guy had checked out my OKCupid profile, and […]

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Turn Thoughts to Things The Simple Way

The simplest way to turn thoughts to things? The Sponsoring Thought. What’s a Sponsoring Thought? A Sponsoring Thought is described by Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations With God series, as “a deep-seated initial idea that we already have what we are not now experiencing.” Below I share with you my favorite example from […]

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