Success Mindset for Business: Cultivate PRO ENERGY to Win [2/3]

Success Mindset in Business: Pro Energy

Let’s talk Success Mindset for Business. This post will show you what PRO ENERGY is. We’ll also talk about how it differs from Beginner Energy (the topic of the first post in this series).

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In the first post of this 3-part series, we covered the problem that could be breaking down your sales and eroding your profits in business. The problematic mindset and way of being is called BEGINNER ENERGY. Post 1 covered the thoughts that are characteristic of someone practicing Beginner Energy, how to know if you’re practicing it, and other symptoms of it.

The first post also showed you how Beginner Energy is the imbalance of two traits critical to success. These two traits, which we’ll cover in more depth today, are: Curiosity and Confidence.

What is this Success Mindset you’re writing about, Rosella?

Characteristic of Pro Energy, the opposite of Beginner Energy, is a helpful balance of Curiosity and Confidence. Pro Energy is an innovation-friendly way of being.

When you’re in Pro Energy, you have a healthy curiosity buffered by a clear sense of knowing what you know. In Pro Energy, you can consume new information and effectively integrate it. This means assimilating it with your lived experience. Wisdom is the result of this integration of new info and lived experience.

How is Pro Energy Different From Beginner Energy?

Beginner Energy continuously moves the starting line so that you’re never past it. In stark opposition, Pro Energy has a very stable and realistic grasp on where you started and how far you’ve come.

When we practice Beginner Energy, we focus on our blind spots and areas of real or perceived inexperience. In Beginner Energy, we totally ignore what we’ve done, and more devastatingly, what we’ve done well. This means we can’t feel confident.

Beginner Energy looks like:

  • Feeling like the next client you sign will be your first ever (even though you’ve already signed clients)
  • Telling yourself you need more information before you make a move
  • Changing the conditions for starting, which you can often recognize in the form of the thought, *When ____ happens, THAT’s when I’ll do ____*

Pro Energy looks like:

  • Gratitude to clients 1 – 5 for the space to increase your skills, and excitement to see how your skills continue to grow with your next client.
  • Knowing you can have what you want when you want it.
  • Owning all of your past successes with a healthy recognition that what got you here may not get you there (while also owning that it might, and you’re never too far along to return to basics if needed!).

The curiosity of the Beginner isn’t the problem. That curiosity is what keeps us innovative! And… TRUE INNOVATION requires the confidence to act on fantastic new ideas. A person practicing Beginner Energy doesn’t usually have the confidence to pursue true inspired innovation (though they may force synthetic innovation). For the person practicing Beginner Energy, the biggest problem is their lack of confidence.

This is the success mindset you must adopt in business so you, your team, your clients, and the world all benefit.

What Does The Practice Of Success Mindset “Pro Energy” Look Like?

The best example I can give of Pro Energy is my approach to my relationship. This is what it looks like to keep your curiosity while remembering your own successes.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 9+ years, and I own that that’s a long time. I own that we both know some important keys to making a relationship last and with as much happiness, love, and respect as we have. We’ll share what we know with you if you ask. (Many a friend has benefited from our mutual wisdom.)

I’m a PRO at being in our relationship, and Chris is too. We know that no matter what is going on outside of us, we can ride waves together. We may not know everything, but what we do know has gotten us this far. That gives me confidence.

And though I’m a pro at being in our relationship, I stay curious. I know there are people who’ve been in their relationship longer than us. (Remember, of course that time ‘in’ isn’t everything.) When I meet a couple that’s been together 15+ years, you best believe I’m gonna ask questions! I’ll ask them what they think makes them successful. I’ll study their story (because success leaves clues!).

Something else to note here: I don’t ask these couples (or the individuals) to give me guidance in my relationship. I ask them what is true for them. After that, I contemplate what they share. And I decide if I am going to incorporate anything I learned from them into my relationship.

Recap of “You Need to Cultivate This Success Mindset for Business Women”

The business owner practicing Beginner Energy is not going to experience the success they desire. (For more on that, see the first post in this series.)

The opposite of Beginner Energy — the success mindset every business owner needs — is called PRO ENERGY.

While the person practicing Beginner Energy keeps moving the starting line so they’re never actually in the race, the person practicing Pro Energy knows exactly what they’ve accomplished while remaining curious about other approaches. More than that about the difference between these two mindsets is written above.

I also shared how I practice Pro Energy inside of my successful 9+ year relationship. What can you take away from this example and apply to your business? Or, indeed, your own relationships or really any other area of your life where you want more success?

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Post 3 of this series will provide you with practical action steps to move out of Beginner Energy and into Pro Energy. That post is coming Friday, June 7, 2019.

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