Stuck in a Rut? A Simple Prayer to Get Unstuck


Stuck in a rut? You can go free & I’ve got something to help!

Let’s revisit, for those stuck in a rut, what the definition of a RUT is: “a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change.”

Sound like something you recognize yourself as being in?

Or do you feel trapped in a bad situation?

Then I’ve got just the thing for you: A simple prayer.

Please don’t underestimate a simple prayer.

Here’s the prayer I’m using when I feel stuck in a rut, or worse, stuck in an unbearable situation:

“Please, God, help me out and help me up.”

Pray this prayer when you feel stuck, and repeat as frequently as you need. The point is to begin impressing upon your subconscious that help is on the way, so that you start feeling better (physically lighter!), and take new action to boot.

Yes, I fully believe God is listening to our prayers and that he answers them. I also believe in neuroscience and that prayer begins to work on the level of our subconscious mind when we use prayer.

Read this post about the level of faith that will let you have what you want the way you want it >

God can be working on our behalf, we can be a small miracle away from our problem being solved, and we can remain feeling miserable before his answers to our prayers show up if we doubt His answers are coming.

The other night, when I felt stuck in an unbearable situation and desperately wanted out but didn’t see how I could get myself out safely, I started praying our 9-word prayer. I was out for a walk when the seed of the prayer came to me. I started repeating it somewhat obsessively.

It was helping me feel lighter. And I realized I was imprinting myself with the expectation of help coming my way.

Why “help me out”? Needing a lateral move out of the situation I’m in.

Why “help me up”? Not wanting to have a same-level problem, but to rise above.

Try it and let me know how it helps! (Leave a comment below or DM me on Instagram!)

If this prayer doesn’t feel right to you, then try another. Only remember that your prayer works well when it’s simple! It doesn’t need to be sentences upon sentences. A few words will do. God knows your heart and He will answer.

COMMENT: What rut or unbearable situation are you ready to break out of?

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