Our Significance Isn’t Determined By Our Work or Our Bank Balances


In an important moment of my day today, I was walking along the 12 lane boulevard near my home and heard Amanda Frances in my head say, “She thought her work gave her significance.”

And out loud, I affirmed, I AM SIGNIFICANT BECAUSE I AM.

Came home and ate some delicious food and then my boyfriend said something about me taking a nap, and I felt my body relax at the idea of a nap. I knew then I wanted to take a nap.

And my nap was only 30 minutes! (A rarity for the woman whose naps usually end up 3 hours long no matter how many alarms are set.)

Woke up feeling well and grateful for my nap. And just realized how important that moment of remembering that lesson from Amanda coming up and my choosing to assert its truth over my life.

I am significant because I am.

You are significant because you are. It’s not your work that makes you significant. It’s not the bank balance you do or don’t have that determines just how significant you are.

You are significant because you are.

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