Self-Nurturing 101: Out Of Your Head, Into Your Body


In the age of Grubhub, Instacart, and free-2-day-shipping from Amazon, it’s super easy to go days without leaving the house. But truth be told, if you’re not practiced at getting out of your head and into your body, any excuse could hold you captive. The process of manifesting, when you do it well, entails taking supreme care of your being even before you have the next experience you desire. Lately I’ve learned that our minds are truly not our allies when it comes to self-nurturing. Let’s talk about it…

“I’m never leaving this couch.”

OK, I don’t think I ever actually said that. But it was the story of my life.

Excuses to avoid leaving the apartment were abundant.

  • “I can have my groceries delivered instead of walking to get them!”
  • “Ooh, I can order delivery on Grubhub for three meals a day!”
  • “Amazon, I will take free 1-day delivery on those lightbulbs!”
  • Even, simply, “I don’t want to get all sweaty today.”

I could go days without leaving the apartment.

Self-Nurturing Just Got Way More Active In My Penthouse Apartment 😉

Now I go for a walk pretty much every evening.

It’s true what they say about what you measure, you focus on, and what you focus on, grows.

Last month, I set a goal for the overall number of steps I wanted to have taken in May. The goal was 100,000 steps. I walked at least 104,756 steps in May!

This story of breaking the habit of being sedentary isn’t just that.

It’s also the story of triumph over mind.

Because… again… my mind was an expert at finding excuses to avoid exercise.

It’s been the same experience with quitting sugar. My mind didn’t actually want to quit sugar. My body did. Somehow I started hearing my body over my mind. (To be honest, my brain still pipes up with the mental requests for sugar, especially when I’m feeling stressed out or bored.)

I’m realizing through taking my daily walk and saying no to the copious amounts of sugar I used to consume daily, that I’m more powerful than my mind.

It has also become abundantly clear: My mind is mostly incapable of nurturing me.

My mind is mostly incapable of nurturing me.

Rosella LaFevre, Manifestation Teacher and Long-Haul Master

Self-nurturing, as in the practice of meeting your own needs, is the critical piece of manifesting that doesn’t seem to come up with other teachers.

Your Homework

Below are questions you can consider to gain clarity on what self-nurturing activities will benefit you most right now.

  • What do I think I should do to feel my best?
  • What would feel really good right now?
  • How does my body want to move today?
  • What would allow me to feel supported by the Universe?

The questions specifically include one about what you think you should do. Your responses to that question may or may not be supportive of your wellness. Sometimes we “know” in our minds we should do something to feel our best and we still can manufacture excuses.

Do one thing today from the list the above questions helps you to generate. Do it without thinking. Just get moving. Reflect after on how you feel and if you’ll try another self-nurturing activity without thinking first.

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