You deserve a strong, loving assist to create a legacy of emotional health & inner peace to match the generational wealth you’re building.

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You’ve been here, in online business, a long-ass fucking time. But your story is a little bit different.Business is going well.

You’ve hired every mentor under the sun.

You’ve had high-highs and the lowest of the lows.

It began when you kind of decided to start a business.

True, it wasn’t an all-out decision then.

You still carried the weight of a childhood shaped by your parents’ own mental illness. Was it addiction or narcissistic personality disorder or something else?

(One of my parents was only shortly medicated for depression before going off the medication, and decades after that I realized this parent fits all the criteria of a narcissistic personality disorder diagnosis.)

You didn’t learn healthy decision-making through a parental model, did you?

(One of my parents pinned their decision to leave the other parent on me and my sibling. “I only left because you and your sister begged me to.”)

Having grown up with one or two supposed adults who outsource their own emotional hygiene is tricky business, right? But at least you grew up to take care of yourself.

(Except maybe they kept you dependent on them in weird ways you didn’t realize until much later; like I didn’t learn how to cook or do laundry until I was literally forced to in living independent of my parents.)

So anyhow, you kinda decided to start an online business!

You knew you knew some valuable information and processes. You knew there were people who would pay for this help.

Then you spent nearly all your time on all the wrong things.

And so you fiddled with that first website. Oof, remember how poorly it functioned and how those first pictures looked like they were of a totally different person?!

You were clear on the value of having a mailing list and you’ve made at least as many freebies as there are eggs left in your ovaries.Looking back, you know that in those early days the real obstacles to your income growth were all in your inaction: You were NOT asking people to work with you. You were not making offers. You didn’t have a work-with-me page on that first (or even third) website. You’re probably now singing to yourself, “DUH!?”

Unconsciously, you’d say about this chapter of your business history: “I don’t even know where my head was at.”

Consciously, you know what was goin’ on: “Now that I look back I realize that I was scared of rejection. I didn’t want people to say NO to me. I didn’t want rejections so I just never did it.”

And the ironic part: At that time in the online personal development Facebook Groups where you were posting 3-5 times per day, you kept seeing other coaches talk about Visibility Blocks. “Find and heal your visibility blocks so you can make bank!” they shouted in the captions of their pretty Eiffel Tower & Prada purse pictures by Wendy K Yalom. (She’s a badass photographer — absolutely zero shade.)

You might’ve even thought to yourself, “Of course I have visibility blocks. I can’t compete with these glossy pictures from a $15,000+ photo shoot.

“The truth is, in your heart, you know the reality of the picture-perfect life (or business) is often far uglier. But you couldn’t even get good at faking the veneer to grow your bottom line.

But then — SOMEHOW! — SLOWLY! — you crawled out of the pit of despair.

And you hired all those mentors.You spent so much money to get taught the magic secrets.

You even consciously rejected that there could be ‘secrets’ to business success and yet you spent and you hired and you made those decisions.

And your income started growing.

And you’ve hired team members and contractors to get things done.You’ve also — miraculously, you think — generated more than 1 million in revenue in all the years you’ve been at this since that ‘kinda’ decision which started it all.

It still takes some getting used to: OWNING your achievement of more than $1 million in revenue.

You’ve walked through fires and still maintained a business making 6-figure, or even high multiple 6-figures, per year.

And why shouldn’t you have produced as much income over years?!

You’ve certainly invested enough energy and cold-hard cash.

It’s a hard-won accomplishment, that’s for sure.

The next million? “Please, dear Lord, let that come a bit easier,” you pray.

I see you, and I celebrate you! Now, I want to mother you to that next million in a collapsed timeline.

Yes, I said “mother you.” Because you deserve the loving and supportive and healing energetic embrace of a mother figure who sees your bigness, celebrates it, and helps you amplify it.

AND you deserve a strong, loving assist to grow in self-awareness, consciously create the personality (personal reality) you desire to live out, and create a legacy of emotional health to match the generational wealth you’re building.

Pin in that for a moment, and just tell me how true this has felt for you recently:

  • Nobody ever checks on you.
  • Nobody asks you what you need.
  • Nobody comes to give you a hug.
  • Nobody holds space for you.

Have you been telling yourself “I don’t need anybody”?

I know you have, and I also know that’s not the story in your heart.While you’re always investing back into the business, you haven’t had a coach — someone to hold space for you — in a while. And…

Though you’ve worked with some of the most amazing people on the planet, at least according to the results they demand of themselves and their clients, you’ve felt a chill.

In that chilly place you call, “I’m good,” you started resting on your laurels. Your inner monologue might now or has very recently sounded like this: ‘I already made it. I already did it. I’ve already been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Inc, Fast Company. I’ve worked with the best people. I made the money. I climbed those mountains left and right.’

And you’ve leaned back.


Now, even though revenues are still flowing, you know you don’t like this anymore.

There’s something about your business that doesn’t resonate. You don’t feel that excitement you felt in your business before.

But you were, at least until you clicked onto this page, still stuck in the story of “I don’t need anybody.”

And it’s true, you don’t need somebody to teach you how to make more money. You don’t need somebody to teach you new marketing strategies.

(You also don’t *fall for* the self-labeled prophets who cry out that the death of stand-by marketing strategies and platforms is nigh upon us and that your business will die too if you don’t do text message marketing.)

You don’t need a teacher. Nope. You know a shit-ton, you O.G. of the online business space!

The truth is: it’s hard when you’re trying to juggle this and run the business and you do not have support.

You can be powerful and struggle on the inside with feeling unsupported and unloved, or you can be powerful and ALSO be supported and loved.

I do believe you’re powerful with or without support. But it’s so much easier when you’re supported. And I know you have zero reference for this in your subconscious because you grew up without emotionally available parents. And while the family you’ve created yourself as an adult is a beautiful treasure in your life, it’s also unlikely to have the capacity to nurture your wildest, brightest, most incredible, next-level self.

Your boyfriend, your husband, your best friends that you went to high school with, they don’t get it. They can’t provide the kind of support you need.

You need a coach with that healthy mother vibe cranked up real high and who can also hold her own in conversations about where YOU want to take your business and your life next.

No, I’m not a mother, but I’m the daughter whose mother couldn’t really be there for me. She was emotional unavailable. Repeatedly denied my needs, even when communicated in writing. Repeatedly called me overemotional, dismissing my feelings. Repeatedly telling me way to much about her *ahem* romantic life.

But through this, arguably my biggest challenge in life, I learned to validate my own emotions years before I had to earn my own money in life. Even when I was chided and derided for it, I committed to expressing my emotions in the moment (usually through tears or writing, my two most natural ways to express myself).

And in the years of processing the trauma of emotionally unavailable parents as an adult, I’ve discovered that I naturally did things that are taught in trauma resolution:

  • Expressing feelings without reservation in a physical way (crying, punching pillows, etc)
  • Writing things out
  • Acknowledging my safety in my present circumstances
  • Sharing the story of the trauma with others when they’re open & it feels safe
  • Connecting with my inner child & giving her what she needs

I turn to these practices regularly. They are the foundation of inner peace & emotional well-being.

It doesn’t mean I’m a robot! I get angry, jealous, petty, judgmental, and all the other feelings/emotions any other human does. But I DO look for the lesson in each of these emotions. I look for the history of my body’s sensations tied to whatever emotion has come up.

I give to myself so that I can keep raising the standard for how good life gets to feel on the whole.

And THAT is exactly what I want to do with you.

As you continue to rock out in business, you get to keep growing your capacity for peace & joy. And I’m ready to mother-love you into this emotional wealth <3

I’m taking on private coaching clients ready to create a legacy of emotional health & inner peace to match the generational wealth you’re building.

My mother-love style of coaching helps women to:

  • Create more freedom and abundance through simple mindset shifts
  • Bank 3x for their service what their fear wanted them to charge
  • Feel safe to share their dreams and confess their failures
  • Raise their standards in their relationships; one woman even left her boyfriend (a narcissist) and went on to find a healthy love & get engaged!

“You know how there are those people who are just different, in the right way, with their clarity, and vision, and heartfelt positivity? Rosella LaFevre is one of those precious few. I knew, when she was an undergrad frigging creating and running her own legit magazine, that she was gonna blow the world up with her good. I’ve known, over the years, that her generosity and honesty were taking her somewhere great. …I see it in her eyes: this is her mission. This is what she needs to share, to help others shift to her kind of ‘different.’ What a beautiful thing.” – Cyndy

“Rosella is a great coach. Her unique way of putting things, with an openness that is refreshing, that has drawn me into her way of coaching. One of Rosella’s best skills is mindset work. I could go on for pages about how great she is. She Is helping me to make strategic and mindset decisions for my company going forward. She is not afraid to ask bold or potentially unsettling questions. If you are looking for a coach, choose Rosella!” – Susan

How my private coaching works:

  • Kick-off 2-hour intensive so we can dive deep into your present & set the vision for your life in 3, 6 and 12 months
  • Biweekly coaching calls where we dive into any memories that are surfaced since the last call (because I find that our present regularly triggers past, where we can create resolution that frees up energy to create more going forward)
  • Messenger or WhatsApp access on weekdays

My private coaching is $20,000 for 6 months.

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