We’re talking money moves by transforming a fixed mindset, or Beginner Energy. We do this to feel more confident and then money moves to you. This is the final post in a 3-part series about adopting a business success mindset to increase sales and profits.

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How do you stop practicing BEGINNER ENERGY?

In this final installment of a 3-part series, we’re getting really practical. These are real actions you can take to stop practicing Beginner Energy and show up in Pro Energy. Making the transition into Pro Energy, finances and so many other things in your world can respond, and your money moves to you. So, are you ready to do this? Let’s dive in!

The First & Most Important MONEY MOVES: Remembering & Owning Your Past Successes

Money Moves when you take this first action

As we talked about in Post 1 and Post 2 of this series, Beginner Energy leaches our confidence and erases from our memories our past successes. It continually moves the Starting Line so that you’re never beyond it. You’re never closer to the Finish Line because you remain poised for launch.

Here’s how you combat that issue, and own your successes!

List all of your accomplishments.

What don’t you let yourself take credit for achieving?
What is it that you secretly wish people would never stop talking about you having done but you also don’t talk about?
And look at the things you accomplished again. Is there anything you’ve blocked about the experience that was better than you allow yourself to remember?

At the stage of writing a list, do NOT focus on the parts of those experiences that were less than you desired. Focus intentionally on the best parts of those experiences.

Revisit this exercise every day at the start of the day. Write it out or record yourself on video talking about your successes. You will, I guarantee you, begin to remember things you haven’t allowed yourself to remember.

Say aloud, “I did that.” Feel it. Own your successes.

Once you’re starting to realize, “Holy shit, I’m amazing and I’ve come so much further than I thought,” then you can turn your attention to the parts of those experiences you didn’t quite love.

You can neutralize the energy of the facets of past successes that didn’t ‘go’ as you desired. (A powerful tool for neutralizing energy is FORGIVENESS; forgive yourself and others to transform negative energy [“bad vibes”] into neutral energy.) Then ask, “How is THIS [any facet that you’ve got a bad feeling about] proof positive that I am sure to receive [the next thing/experience you desire]?”

Money Moves when you ditch this fixed mindset / Beginner Energy

More MONEY MOVES To Make To Heal Beginner Energy (Fixed Mindset)

Maintain awareness of what thoughts you’re thinking.

You might find it helpful to freewrite three times a day for at least three days. Do it on paper or in one computer document. Look for themes, and repeating ideas that belittle you.

The goal is then to quickly dismiss any thought that accompanies a punched-gut feeling or other dis-empowered feeling. Dismissed quickly they won’t gain momentum and keep creating in your life experiences you don’t actually desire.

Money Moves when you take this third action

Set goals & rewards.

Note: A person practicing Beginner Energy will not want to do this!

It helps to set action-focused goals, or what I call “output goals.” Would you like to read a blog post about the way I set Output Goals? Let me know in the comments!

Money Moves when you take this fourth action

Develop a Learning integration practice.

Ask and answer questions before and after reading/watching/listening to training material. Questions like:

  • Why are you reading/watching/listening?
  • What do you want to walk away with?
  • Are there actions you take to put this into practice?
  • What holes remain?
  • Are there questions you still need answered?

Publicly announce your wins and celebrate.

In fact, you ought to come on into the Facebook Group, MANIFESTING GOOD SHIT, and share your celebrations!

Money Moves when you take this sixth action

Take a break from following other people.

Do this especially those whose voices you’ve treated as authoritative in your space. If only for 3 weeks or 30 days using Facebook’s 30-day-snooze feature.

Don’t fall prey to others’ marketing that is meant to attack your vulnerabilities and make you feel inadequate so that you’ll buy.

Money Moves when you take this seventh action

Rewrite any story that says it’s unsafe to be confident.

(Like if you grew up being told that anyone who is confident is cocky, or something…)

Affirmations to Help Heal Beginner Energy

“It is safe for me to be curious. I can be curious while remaining confident in my lived experience and theoretical knowledge. Confident curiosity is my general state of being when I’m thinking of and working in my business.”

“I am a PRO within my business. No one has been in my business longer than me. With this position comes a lot of incredible responsibility, and I handle this responsibility gracefully. I know what I know, and I do my best to integrate new information in the areas where I don’t know everything.”

“I am a PRO at running my business. There is always room to grow, and I seek support as I grow in all the right ways. Still, it is safe to trust and refer to my lived experience.”

Recap of “Money Moves When You Ditch This Fixed Mindset / Beginner Energy”

There are 7 steps you can take to embrace Pro Energy. In doing so, you’re navigating out of the fixed mindset or Beginner Energy that has kept you stuck.

The 7 things you can do aren’t in a particular order. You may do one, some or all of these things and see the desired results: increased sales and expanding profits.

Here they are again:

  1. Refresh your memory about your past successes.
  2. Get aware of the thoughts that hold you back.
  3. Set goals & rewards.
  4. Develop a Learning Integration practice.
  5. Publicly announce your wins and celebrate!
  6. Take a break from following other people.
  7. Rewrite any story that says it’s unsafe to be confident. (There are affirmations for that above!)

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4 thoughts to “Money Moves When You Ditch This Fixed Mindset / Beginner Energy [3/3]

  • Lisa Dahn

    Thank you again for this series. I’ve seen that I’m starting down the right path but that there is more I need to do.

    • Rosella LaFevre

      Thank you for reading and commenting! You’re so appreciated.
      I made a habit of changing my language…. Where I used to say things like “more I need to do,” I now say “more I can do,” or “more I get to do,” which feels lighter and good to me. (Feel free to steal this approach if you want!)

  • Lisa

    Definitely “more I can do”. That sounds much better as it’s an action, not a defiency.

    Thanks for your help with this. I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

    • Rosella LaFevre

      Yes! You’re always, totally, and completely sufficient to live your dreams and reach your goals. And it’s fun to figure out what we can do next to open and allow ourselves to reach them.

      You’re so welcome and I can’t wait for the updates! <3


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