Manifesting Q&A: Remember to Enjoy Yourself in the Process


Today we’re talking: Will I mess up manifesting if I watch violent movies? Am I doomed to a bad marriage because of past thoughts that I would? And I’m dispelling the myth of self-mind-control; NO, you can’t lickety-split change each of the 60,000+ thoughts you have every day. OK, let’s dive into today’s Manifesting Q&A!

This set of questions came to me through my Instagram DMs. It was a pleasure to provide answers that helped this manifestor to relax about the creation process.

The Manifesting Questions to be answered in this Manifesting Q&A:

Well LOA [Law of Attraction] basically is about what you think as your thoughts decide your vibrations and that decides everything else. I have came across LOA since the beginning of this year and have been more conscious about what I am thinking and how I can change my thoughts to be more optimistic.

But as I am researching this, one thing i have heard almost everyone say is that you manifest everything that’s happening to you and will happen to you and that’s not necessarily bad because it tells me that I have control over how my life is gonna play out. But… something that I find hard to do is to align everything that I think or do to my dreams and my goals. And sometimes it just doesn’t work. For example, I watch movies and shows which are on the violent side or songs which don’t have the most inspiring lyrics. So do I have to be this specific and put a why to everything?

Also if I have thought about a part of my life, about how it’s going to be. But I don’t want that anymore. Is it possible to change it or it’s already out there and nothing can be done.

Like, my parents have a bad marriage. And until I discovered LOA, I used to think far away on the future and had almost believed that that’s how my marriage is going to be..

But now I know that I am the narrator of my story and I can change it however I want. But in the matter of my thoughts, it’s already out there.

The core goal of manifesting is to feel good or enjoy oneself, isn’t it? (Part 1 of my Answer)

Before I share more thoughts on this topic, I have a question for you: What is the core purpose of having every experience you desire to manifest using LOA? What is the benefit you expect to have in EVERY SINGLE experience you desire to manifest?

Could the answer to the two questions I’ve just posed be, “For my enjoyment” or “because I think I will feel good having those experiences”?

The Response to Part 1 of my Answer

I think I will feel good having those experiences

Then, Do You Feel Enjoyment Now? (Part 2 of my Answer in this Manifesting Q&A)

So then in direct response to the example you provided of watching shows/movies that skew violent… Do you feel good when you watch them? You can think about it now or you can put on a show/movie and observe how you feel. If you feel the opposite of how you want to feel, stop watching that show. Doesn’t mean you have to stop watching all violent stuff, you can take it on a case by case basis. It doesn’t mean you’ll manifest violence or that you’re messing up your manifestation process.

Manifesting Q&A 2

On Demanding Yourself to Change Every Single Thought You Think to “Be in Alignment” (Part 3 of my Answer)

Realize that you don’t have absolute control to change, today, the 60,000+ thoughts you have today.

What you want to do is focus on consciously implanting a few strong positive thoughts. Repeat them consciously. Set alarms to remind you to practice the new thoughts. Over time, these change the other thousand or so thoughts that float through your mind on the topic because those all flow from the original thought or thoughts you had years and years ago.

Once you starve those thoughts of the attention that kept them alive by consciously choosing alternative thoughts (again, focusing on even just one alternative thought), those passing thoughts change and the new thought gains strength and becomes your “vibrational setpoint.”

You’ll learn well from how I did this very simply when I was struggling to find love: I repeated the thought, “I am the world’s best girlfriend,” and I thought this when I was single. I would list in my head or in my journal the reasons I was the worlds best girlfriend. I started thinking differently about myself.

So you’d drive yourself crazy trying to change every single thought you think… But…

Here’s a mantra for you: “I change my mind easily.”

And let’s continue this Manifesting Q&A with my answer to the second part of the query where asked about thoughts already being out there creating what is not wanted…

Past Thoughts Don’t Leave You and Come Back to You in an Undesired Experience When You Expect the Manifestation of the Opposite (Part 4 of my Answer)

No, just because you used to think or even expect that you’d have a bad marriage doesn’t mean you will. (Same for any experience you have given thought to before.)

Your thoughts are definitely creative (as in, can create your experiences) but you also need what I can only call Expectation.

Like… you can think all day long “I’ve got a million dollars in the bank” but that thought won’t manifest until you feel the expectation feeling

It has to be “believable” to you. It has to become unquestioned. Like… “This is just how it is,” or “this is my new normal.”

(Which is why I see the media’s “new normal” narrative with masks as the “new normal” as so incredibly insidious… but that’s a topic for another discussion lol)

Again, I Suggest You Focus on a Strong Sponsoring Thought (Part 5 of my Answer)

Yes, so now you can devote yourself to… “I’m in the most loving, supportive marriage I could have ever imagined.” (Present tense thoughts are the best to impress upon your mind.)

Then you can build expectation by doing things now that you might do if you were married to keep your marriage strong or create the experience you desire. Some examples:

  • Read books about strong marriages.
  • Practice communicating a need to another person with the pleasant expectation that they’ll provide for your need.
  • Imagine different scenarios with your future spouse (bonus points if you imagine/insert them into the same activities you do now in your life whether that’s a daily coffee run or going to a specific family member’s house for a holiday celebration).

What stands out to you the most from this Manifesting Q&A? Comment below or message me on Instagram!

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