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I get asked questions about how to manifest, and I LOVE answering! Today’s post is a roundup of some recent manifesting questions you’ve had for me, along with my responses.

Today, I’m answering a manifestation question on finding blocks to manifesting, another on what it means when it didn’t show up on your deadline, and another on how to manifest a neighbor moving. Read on for the wisdom!

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Manifestation Question 1: What if you don’t know what your blockage is… How did you figure that out?

A: When I manifested the love of my life, and freedom from emotional abuse, and a Penthouse apartment, I didn’t know there were such things as “blocks.”

I deliberately chose to ignore reasons or ideas that said I couldn’t have what I wanted. I processed (FELT & released) any emotion around not having what I wanted, like when I doubted I could find love and made the decision (again) that I would find love. So… maybe don’t look for fucking blocks.

Give yourself whatever you can possibly give yourself right now to meet your own needs whether emotional, mental or physical. The experiences you desire will have no choice but to show up for you then!

We get more of what we think about so if you keep asking what’s blocking your manifestation, you’re going to manifest more “blocks.” More obstacles will show up to keep you from what you want.

I don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t be self-aware or that doing inner work to remove limiting ideas are a waste of time. But… sometimes the thing you need to do to manifest what you want is to take a break from all the inner work, and just BE.

But for those of you craving an action: play with a Sponsoring Thought!
I’ve written on my blog about the singular idea that I kept playing with before the love of my life showed up, and I’ll just give it away here:

“I’m the best girlfriend in the world, and any guy is lucky to have me.”

I would make mental lists of why I was the best girlfriend in the world (even when I didn’t have a boyfriend). Playing with that idea, how could the right & perfect-for-me someone NOT show up?! 😉

Will working on your blocks make manifesting go faster? Get the answer!

Manifestation Question 2: How do you cope when something doesn’t specifically manifest? I think I’m manifesting wrong. Not comfortable saying what but, feeling bummed since I’m pretty sure it isn’t happening. Any advice appreciated! FYI I set 3 dates for three events.

A: To be totally honest: I don’t find dates that helpful to me in the manifestation process. When setting a goal or recognizing my desire for a new experience, I don’t usually attach a date to it.

A shift: What if the Universe’s Timing is infinitely better than your own? Sooner is not always better/best!

I think you’ll benefit from reading this post on Divine Timing >

I’m not big on “God” but I’ve heard the saying, “God’s delays are not god’s denials” and it’s quite a tidy and satisfying idea, isn’t it?!

Another idea: It’s not faith until it looks like it’s not going to happen and you still believe. (Amanda Frances says this.)

And finally, if you’ve got feelings of upset or doubt, please indulge them if briefly. I’ve talked about this and written about this… doubt gets to aid the manifestation process, not stop it!

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Manifestation Question 3: Anyone know how to manifest a neighbor moving? Don’t want to go into detail but, she’s the devil. I just ignore her tbh but, she constantly stirs up drama

A: I really wouldn’t devote too much energy to her or to trying to get rid of her, but focus on manifesting cooperation from all people in your life. And really, that looks like: meeting your own needs and being an example of pure love & cooperation to all those who surround you.

Be cooperative with people and examine your thoughts when you find it impossible to be cooperative with someone.

And feel free to repeat some affirmations or afformations that center on how cooperative the whole Universe and everyone in it are!

Affirmations like… “The Universe, and everyone in it, loves me and wants me to enjoy life.” Afformations would be questions like… “Why am I so easy to get along with? What about me brings out only the best in people?” etc.

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