I’ve used a process to create amazing things in my own life, including the following:

  • A magnificent soulmate love (we will celebrate our 10th anniversary in May)
  • Clients who are a joy to serve
  • A penthouse apartment overlooking Pennypack Park in Philadelphia
  • Freedom from emotional abuse
  • Sales of trainings, programs and offers inside of my coaching business

Here’s the process:

1️⃣ Practice mindfulness, and specifically stop the negative thought train.

One of the keys to this stage: Choose a Sponsoring Thought aligned with your desired manifestation and hold onto it until it’s your identity. (Like when I was manifesting the love of my life, my Sponsoring Thought was, “I’m the best girlfriend in the world.” I said and thought this before I was somebody’s girlfriend!)

Manifest World Health with This Step: What one sentiment would represent your vision for a better, happier, healthier world? Come up with your own! Or you may borrow this one: “I’m at home in a world where people, and their countries, are in perfect health, living happily, and working together peacefully.”

2️⃣ Engage creative energy, and take one step toward the desired outcome.

Take whatever action you know how to take. Take the logical action as a starting point. Then act on any inspired (non-logical) ideas that occur to you.

Manifest World Health with This Step: You might choose to focus right now on asking friends if they need anything (saw a woman share about trading a White Claw for tampons; love this!). You might focus on your home, decluttering, making plans for redecorating, and more so that your home truly is a sanctuary. You might simply meditate and pray.

3️⃣ Be vulnerable, and take away the power the current circumstances have upon you.

Risk social annihilation by admitting the thing you don’t want to admit. (Sometimes, it’s enough just to admit it to yourself.)

One of my favorite examples of this from my life because it was so powerful: Admitting to a client who owed me money what receiving that money would do for me (avoid eviction if they paid within 24 hours!). It was not something I wanted to admit, but in so doing, I reclaimed the power this situation had over me.

Manifest World Health with This Step: Feel whatever you’re feeling. You may be one of the many processing collective energies about current events.

4️⃣ Give it up to grace, and surrender to your desired creation entering life in its own damn way.

Honor that there is so much that must align to walk you into your vision. You may have a desired timeline. Know that even if it doesn’t happen that quickly, you still get to see your vision come to life.

Manifest World Health with This Step: Use this time to go inward. (Yes, I’m repeating myself a little here, but meditate and pray!)

5️⃣ Focus your energy on self-nuture.

Ask yourself, “What do I need to feel good right now?” Give yourself whatever will help you feel like your best self before your manifestation.

Manifest World Health with This Step: Take care of yourself first, and take care of others with extra care. ❤ When we can take care of each other, we help speed up the healing.

Any Qs for me? Leave ’em in the comments below!

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