THE LEVEL OF FAITH Allowing You To Have It How You Want It


Yesterday I started playing with a new idea. And the form of it is so good, I couldn’t delay sharing it with you. Because you can use this too. This absolutely will speed up the creation of your life beyond belief, or business beyond belief, or wealth beyond belief, or love beyond belief, or hot body beyond belief. Whatever you desire.

Let’s play.

So here’s how the idea showed up for me yesterday: “I have the level of faith that says I can write a three-sentence post and receive messages from my soulmate clients asking me how they can get started in my 3-month package.”

First I had acknowledged that I wanted to be able to “throw” a post out to the world that I spent 0.5 seconds on, and get the sales. I realized I was tired of judging the way I would write sales copy, sometimes before I’d even actually written it. I liked the idea of “What if I could spend like no time on it, feel like I put zero effort into it, and actually have the outcome I desire?”

Yes, I love to write, and sales copy can be fun and there are times I enjoy that the writing feels very effortful, but then there are times when I really just wanna say, “Hey, ladies, I’ve got coaching spots available. You know somewhere inside you if this is right for you. We can get started when you send me a DM,” and receive the funny, brilliant women signing up for deep, truly loving support to create their life / business / relationship / body / everything beyond belief.

So to use this thought-form and play with this idea, I need you to answer two questions:

1) What do you desire in your life

2) How would you like to receive it?

The answers to these questions are never “too” lazy or “wrong” or “bad.”
If you hear inside your head that your answer to either/both of these questions is “unrealistic,” I need to tell you that we’re creating a life beyond belief here and that means we LOVE the “unrealistic.” It’s exactly what we’re going for, so yay you, identifying unrealistic desires and unrealistic means of receiving!!

So you want to find your soulmate on your next date and you don’t want to overthink it.

Or you want to buy your dream home and you want someone to simply email you the listing and have the knowing that it is *the* house as soon as you see the listing.

Or you want to have a literary agent read your latest post on Medium and email you to say you have to write a book and she’s going to help you get it published.

Or you want to travel to Bali and you want to win an all-expenses-paid trip to get there.

Whatever you want, however you want it, you can call in the level of faith that is required to realize the desire.

“I have the level of faith that says I can go on one date with a guy from this dating site and meet my soulmate.”

“I have the level of faith that says a friend can randomly email me a real estate listing, sending me the perfect, perfect house!”

“I have the level of faith that says one post I publish to Medium can be the ticket to the book deal of my dreams.”

“I have the level of faith that says I win an all-expenses-paid trip to Bali.”

“I have the level of faith that says I get to have _______ in this way: ______.”


And once you identify the thought, you practice feeling light and easy and happy and grateful around it. Repeat it to yourself. Keep letting the idea roll around in your brain that you have the level of faith that says you get what you want the way you want it.

Now, we can take this even deeper!

WHY do you want to receive your specific desire in the way that you want to receive it? Get clear here. Do you want to receive it in that way because you’ve told yourself that’s the only way it *can* be received? Or do you want it that way because it would be joyful for it to come that easily? How would you FEEL having received it in that way?

When you answer these questions, you can identify that you want a friend to email you the house listing because you desire to know you are supported by the Universe and by actual humans in finding the perfect house. Or maybe you want a literary agent to reach out to YOU because it would reflect to you your own confidence in how good your content is, and it would feel astonishing & magical to have it happen this way. Or you get clear that you want to win the trip to Bali because you don’t know that you could actually afford to pay for the trip to Bali yourself.

Whether you want the thing you want the way you want it because it would simply be fun and joyful to receive it that way, or you’re motivated to receive it that way by a fear-thought you can’t have it any other way, you can be fully empowered by facing the “reason” you want it the way you do.

I want the potential clients to message me after seeing a three-sentence post because I don’t want my own periodic laziness to determine that nobody can sign up with me for the work that would help them grow. I want it that way because it would feel magical. I want it that way because it would actually reflect how powerful my faith is since I didn’t have to write an in-depth sales post to receive messages of interest and actually fill the spots.

You know? There’s a lot there, and simply being aware of these things helps me feel even better about receiving it the way I want it. It emboldens my level of faith in my ability to receive clients more easily than ever before.

If it were about fear that I couldn’t have it another way, I’d look at the fear. And decide that’s not true. I get to have what I desire. It’s just a bonus if it comes in this one specific way. But I can have it in any way. Ya know?

So, what level of faith are you calling in?

I DEFINITELY have faith that you can
Create a Life Beyond Belief

xoxo Rosella
October 22, 2019

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