Law of Attraction SUCKS!? 3 Problems with LOA

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It’s true. The verdict is in. Law of Attraction SUCKS.




At least the way most (other) people teach it!

When did you first hear about the Law of Attraction? I was about 14 when I watched The Secret with a parent. This was my introduction to the concept. And before the movie was even over, my parent immediately called it something like a pipe dream. “It would be nice if it worked like that, but it doesn’t,” they said.

Trusting my parent as the voice of reason/finality, I put it out of my mind.

I didn’t hear of the concept again until I was about 23 years old trying to build a business. At the same time, someone told me about Abraham Hicks and I started listening to all the YouTube clips from their seminars and reading their books. I saw others talking about LOA in Facebook groups.

Even the way Abraham explains the Law of Attraction, I struggled with the application. There were at least three ways that LOA teachings fell short for me. I’m going to share them below, and I’d love to hear in the comments what you relate to or if there are other “problems” you have with LOA.

I’m also going to share with you not just the frustrating part but the way I overcame or made sense of the shortfalls of other manifestation teachings.

Law of attraction sucks?! Read the post for my 3 frustrations with LOA and how I made sense of them!

Here’s the first way manifestation/Law of Attraction teachings fell short for me:

The FRUSTRATION: The disconnect between the idea that we must accept full responsibility, and the idea that we must trust the Universe/God. This creates too much confusion. “Is it my fault or God’s fault I don’t have what I want?” I can’t tell you how many times I asked myself that question.

The RELIEF: Fuck responsibility. I mean… stop thinking about it. Do what you know to do and cultivate the idea that your desire simply can’t NOT happen. It’s not even about trusting the Universe or God (holy shit… I just wrote that!)… It’s about committing to your decision about what you get to experience. (This one takes practice admittedly.)

Here’s the second way manifestation teachings fell short for me:

The FRUSTRATION: Too often, LOA/manifesting is talked about in terms of ‘positive thoughts only.’ But how do you think positively when life sucks, when times are tough, when money’s tight, when food is scarce, when nobody is listening, and nothing is working?????? Haha. I’m poking fun a little, but seriously! It can feel simply IMPOSSIBLE for someone who is struggling to ‘just think your way rich’ (or happy or healthy or loved or anything else).

The RELIEF: You can think bad thoughts. In fact, it’s sure as shit gonna happen, especially if you try to force yourself not to ‘go there.’ But just by coming back to ONE positive idea that’s aligned with what you desire, you can achieve / receive it.

Here’s the third way LOA teachings fell short for me:

The FRUSTRATION: LOA teachers say, “be ready and it will come.” But what about when you keep insisting, “I’m ready, I’m ready,” and it doesn’t show up? And how long is it supposed to take before it shows up? A mindset coach I know has talked about “do the work and clear the blocks and money should show up in two days; if it doesn’t, you didn’t clear all the blocks.” I can’t tell you how that fucked with me. I’ve now spent years TRYING, exerting real EFFORT, to move past the blocks I saw all around me, and I really legitimately fooled myself for a while that it was all about having to clear the blocks.

The RELIEF: It really FUCKING isn’t about clearing blocks. I’d never heard of “blocks” when I was manifesting my soulmate. I just felt whatever came up along the way (doubt, fear, grief, etc) and moved through it, deciding over and over that I could have what I desired.

Share in the comments: Did you struggle with any of these concepts yourself? Is there some other way you feel frustrated with the Law of Attraction?

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