You’re invited to OUTEARN YOURSELF. See, you’re always outgrowing yourself in order to provide the best service to your clients. And so NOW is the time to outearn yourself. These three things are what come next for you:

  • Cast off the undercharging mentality
  • Command aligned fees
  • Feel valued for your work

That’s right. We’re talking about raising your rates and increasing your profitability.

Yes. I stand for you unapologetically making bank, feeling proud as pie of the work you do for others, and knowing that your energy, efforts and service are deeply appreciated by clients who happily pay you what you want to charge.

“Charge your worth” are words that get bandied about quite often. It would be hard to charge what you’re genuinely worth. (I mean… how do you even put a price tag on the magnificence that the Universe or God created in the form of… YOU!?)

So our focus isn’t on charging your worth but charging what’s aligned for you to receive, and ensuring a fair energy exchange with those you provide your services to.

I invite you to OUTEARN YOURSELF by raising your rates, ditching the bullshit undercharging mindset, all because I know you deserve to feel valued for your work.

I’m Rosella LaFevre, a Business Coach, and I help women entrepreneurs just like you to stop undercharging, command aligned fees and change the world through every client interaction.

Sign up for my free OUTEARN YOURSELF course to help you raise your rates, and/or message me about working with me privately in a one-off intensive or 3-month coaching package.

With love,
Rosella LaFevre