A couple of weeks ago, Samantha Parker featured me as a Girl Crush on her site. And, like, no words.

OK, at least two: So cool!

And… a younger Rosella wouldn’t have thought she was girl-crush-worthy. But she hoped to be worthy of a place in the company of one of her girl crushes.

The Critical Moment Asking to Join My Girl Crush in Business

That’s how I found myself seated in a Starbucks in Center City with the fashionable owner of a local PR firm. I’d interviewed her months before for the magazine I started in college. (At the time I doubted that having created my own magazine was admirable since I hadn’t done a fifth issue and hadn’t made any money from it. A perfectionist can always find a reason something isn’t good enough. Ugh.)

So I’d reached out to her and asked if we could talk about working together. I’d been freelancing while I was studying journalism at Temple University and had relationships with local journalists. The ways I knew I could serve included writing pitches, doing social media, and helping her elevate her brand.

I didn’t know anybody else so cool. She did work I had the skills to support. She intrigued me because this woman had built a business with a legit team. It was so different from the kind of entrepreneurship I’d grown up witnessing.

Thus, I probably reeked of desperation.

Everything Leading Up To That Moment

My parents started a business together approximately around the time I was born. For at least a decade, only the two of them worked in the business. Dad briefly attempted working with an employee and it didn’t work. After that, it was years that no one other than my parents worked in the business.

Until I graduated college and freelance journalism failed to pay my bills and I never even heard back on the resumes & cover letters I sent for journalism jobs. Suddenly, Dad had an employee: Me.

I built products by hand and shed a lot of sweat that summer.

And every day I felt depressed. (I didn’t yet know How To Be Happy when something’s bothering you.)

If you get good grades, you can go to a good college, and get a good job. That’s what the world promises! I wondered what the hell I’d networked my ass off for. Wondered why I was one of the hardest working journalism graduates of my class. What had been the point?! UGH.

How Our Starbucks Meeting Worked Out

So that’s where I was emotionally in August 2013 when I met with my girl crush at Starbs to talk about a job. I think I hid my desperation though I couldn’t say for sure.

And we left that day with the plan that I’d start September 1. My job would be 3 days a week, I’d act as a publicist for her and the agency, do social for her and the agency, and I’d also help manage her calendar and emails. I was SO EXCITED.

Before that, I felt lightyears away from my professional goals. Starting the job, I felt closer than ever. It was a great feeling.

I’m Still Surprised About This One

Consider me still totally surprised that 9 months later, my professional goals had changed almost completely. To be honest, I don’t think I really wanted to be a freelance journalist anymore, although I did end up with a part-time job for another publication after I left the agency.

How to Be Your Own Girl Crush

The New Awareness That Changed My Life

What I learned I really want to be: Head of a company of my own, and a thought leader in my own right.

And before I left that agency, I’d secured my first client with a proposal for a full suite of marketing and PR services. Through that client, I received $3,000. What a win!

The woman who gave me the job in her agency was my girl crush, and getting closer to her led to a complete change in the course of my life.

Here’s Your Takeaway…

If you want to make a change in your career or business, get closer to the people you admire in any way possible. (And you can make any number of ways possible.)

Neither you nor I can really say how it will change your life, but know that it will. And that’s how you become your very own girl crush (if you aren’t already).

What It Means To Be Your Own Girl Crush

By the way, when I was interviewed recently for TheSamanthaParker.com, I shared this: “My definition of being my own girl crush [is] recognizing your own strength, ingenuity, grace, love, kindness, and honoring your mistakes. Realizing, and owning that you don’t get to be anyone else in life, so you might as well appreciate you.”

I feel immense gratitude for the people who have played a role in my becoming this person I am today. And also? The versions of me that have been — and that took risks to put us closer to cool people — are fully girl-crush-worthy themselves.

You Can Drop A Comment, Right?

You can share the name of the Girl Crush you can spend more time around! Or your own moment when you showed yourself how Girl-Crush-worthy you are!

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