…with this Digital Journal, THE GRATEFUL HEART CHECK-IN

(only $15!)

We live in strange times. There can be no denying!

But what some of us are loving about this is the chance to focus inward. The opportunity to notice how different life is now. Where those differences provide relief, and where you respond to those differences with feelings of angst or grief.

Making note of what you’re noticing has changed or needs to change or that you don’t want to go back to normal… is powerful information for charting a change of course in life!

(This is the mindfulness step of my five-step manifesting process.)

To support you in raising your vibes in weird fudgin’ times and periods of heightened self-awareness, I’ve created this digital journal for you, called:


Who is this for?

This is for women who…

  • Already love to journal
  • Haven’t made a habit of journaling but are open to spending time in self-reflection
  • Find themselves super productive at this time
  • Find themselves struggling to motivate themselves to do anything

Sincerely, this journal will serve anyone willing to write down the uncomfortable and the amazing things in their lives!

What do you get?

A 21-page PDF, inside of which you get:

  • 9 open-ended questions to prompt deep reflection
  • Writable fields so that you can use this on-the-go and anywhere you have a computer, tablet, or laptop
  • Lined note pages in case you want to freewrite at the end of the journaling session helping you come to many realizations, big and small
  • Mostly white pages so that if you want to print this to use, it won’t use all your ink!
  • Notes of encouragement and support so you know you’re not alone in the journey of increasing self-awareness

The Price

Only $15!!

BTW you’ll get a SURPRISE BONUS delivered to you the day after purchase!

This surprise bonus is something I’ve used to make $1,000s, pay off credit cards, manifest free organic food, and more!

A final note: The Grateful Heart Check-In is a gift from my heart to yours. I created the questions as the basis of this journal during the Covid-19 pandemic because I was seeing people struggling and wanted to help people process everything that I knew this time was revealing to them (as much as to me!).

And it sincerely means so much to me to put these questions in your hands so that you can capitalize on your heightened self-awareness, whether it’s a time of world-wide concern or just a hyperaware season in your life.

Love you so much!


Please note there are no refunds.