From New Age To Christ (Reflections From A New Believer)


Warning: I’m not proclaiming to be a model Christian. Here I’m sharing some reflections as a new believer.

I didn’t have a big or sudden break from New Age concepts, I’d like to say that first. And I recognize how some of the New Age ideas I’d been introduced to before this year are also in the Bible/Christianity. (Of course I’ve also seen how popular/worldly culture distorts Biblical doctrine now that I’ve read more of the Bible…)

In January, I noticed I was feeling drawn to spend time in the Bible. It wasn’t overwhelming, all at once, it was a gradual increase in desire. So I bought myself a Bible. I read bits when it was delivered.

Then the lockdowns happened. I was on board for “two weeks to slow the spread” but it soon became clear: the media was driving for this to be a much longer thing. And I was chatting with a friend and something she said prompted me to ask her about dark agendas at work…

That was when I started to recognize evil at work.

My awareness of evil grew as time passed.

Like Bill Gates, a man with a clear depopulation agenda being held up as a medical expert by the media. Like the truths of vaccine ingredients; I watched a 2018 deposition with a scientist involved in vaccine creation that made my skin crawl.

Like the clear bias against President Trump in the media. (This was hard for me to examine and reconcile because I graduated with a degree in journalism and worked as a journalist… and I’d also bought their slander of him wholesale in the past.)

Like the sale of aborted babies’ remains by Planned Parenthood (until this point I’d been “pro-choice” but once I saw this, I couldn’t stop discovering ugly truths like Margaret Sanger’s depopulation agenda for Black folks [and how influenced by Sanger were Gates and even Hillary Clinton]).

Like Pizzagate, the connections of major celebrities to pedophilia or appearing toward inappropriate contact with children like a certain 2020 presidential candidate. Like the California state law passed to decriminalize sexual acts with minors as long as the age difference between the rapist and the victim is less than 10 years.

Like rioters destroying businesses owned by black people in the name of “justice” for black people.

I kept feeling pulled to the Bible, but was slow to actually get into it. Then on Easter, something prompted me to watch a live church service and when the pastor (Steven Furtick of Elevation Church) invited people to say the prayer accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior… I just felt it was right. I was nervous and a little embarrassed even though I was sitting by myself watching the broadcast, but I said the prayer. I knew I didn’t really ‘get it’ at the time. I was just willing to let a relationship with Jesus unfold.

After that I was MORE drawn to the Bible. I dove into reading from Genesis through. (I’m currently at Jeremiah.)

And I found that the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible outlining Mosaic law) were both exactly what I’d feared (presenting a God who was largely angry at his people) and what I needed. It presented clear moral code. It outlined right and wrong. It called good things good and evil things evil.

THIS is where I really began to see a distinction between New Age and Christianity. I found that the New Age works and teachers I encountered taught that the opposite of love was fear and that we were the source point of our fear… but New Age didn’t call anything evil, except they come really close, very often, to calling President Trump the devil. New Age would have you avert your eyes from tragedies like babies being killed in the womb because “hey it’s just personal choice.” New Age doesn’t look at the consequences of wrong actions. In fact I’ve seen many New Age teachers act as if you can do no wrong. There’s a bypassing that suggests if you do harm to someone they attracted it. In New Age… there doesn’t seem to be room for the truth that horrible things seem to happen to innocent people fairly often.

But then there’s also a weird thing where New Agers seem to be totally down for believing in victimization when it comes to the big bad spector of racism…. Like there’s NO LOGICAL CONSISTENCY the more I look at those who practice New Age concepts (or teach them).

When you actually get into the Old Testament there’s so much there about not making idols of things God made, but I see a LOT of that among New Agers now that I’m looking critically.

Oh gosh I could go on and on…

I also realize this may not be entirely fun for you to read…

I’ve taken the approach of deciding to read the Bible as if it is the inspired and inerrant word of God which means confronting my own sins and failures to live up to God’s word, and trying to reconcile its teachings with what I was raised with as objective truth (like dinosaurs…)… So I’m at a mid-point in this journey of my first read-through of the Bible. Please forgive me if any of this is triggering or hard for you to digest. But I’m happpppy to keep sharing 😀 <3

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