I’m sharing my favorite things!

Law of Attraction Daily Planner

After trying all kinds of weekly and daily planners, and even after making my own weekly planner, I hadn’t found planner peace. It seems that now I have! This planner has nintey (90) two-page-per-day spreads, six monthly spreads, and goal-setting sheets, and journal pages, and twelve (12) weekly review/planning pages. I’ve had so much fun working with its goal-setting pages, and enjoy the two pages per day with prompts for reflection that help me feel tuned in. I’m LOVING this planner!

1: Cover | 2: Daily spread | 3: Right side of monthly spread

Starbucks Cold Brew Pitcher Packs

The best at-home cold brew experience I’ve had comes from these pitcher packs. I order them on Amazon because they usually have an amazing deal on 3 boxes purchased as a set. I buy another 3 boxes about every two weeks.

Metta Tea Co. Matcha Green Tea

OK, I LOVE my coffee (see above). But I knew I’d have to try matcha when Cassie Howard, who I’ve been learning from about business for years, launched a tea company with her husband in 2019. She’d had high anxiety exacerbated by coffee. Then she discovered matcha. The taste was kinda terrible but the caffeine in the matcha didn’t trigger her anxiety. She and her husband got to work sourcing organic and non-organic matcha that didn’t taste like grass, and they launched Metta Tea Co. matcha!

I honesty tried it in support of an entrepreneur I love and admire, and I was joyfully surprised to find that I really enjoy drinking Metta matcha!

I’ve had the organic Cozy As Fuck matcha which is good for lattes, and I usually turn mine into an iced matcha latte with just water, ice and heavy whipping cream. I use a Zulay milk frother to mix it all (see below for that!).

I love this drink to satisfy a craving for something sweet because it doesn’t have any added sugar. Plus it’s just the prettiest shade of green I ever saw. 😉

Zulay milk frother

I use this powerful little tool to blend my matcha lattes and to make bulletproof coffee. And I LOVE this brand because when I shattered a french press I bought from them via Amazon, they honored the lifetime warranty and sent a full replacement, including a second milk frother, at no additional cost to me even though it was totally my fault the french press shattered! Zulay’s customer service provided me the greatest experience.