Do you feel OLD in the online business space?


Your elbows are still taut, so it’s not that you’re eating from the Seniors menu yet.

But you feel old in the online space, don’t you?

You’ve been at this longer than most.

You’ve gotten major press mentions & features.

You’ve had many 5-figure launches and 5- or 6-figure months in a row.

You mastered email marketing, and honestly giggle a little at the ones who say text message marketing is “the future.”

You’re an OG in the online business world.


Keep doing your thang.

Don’t fall back into your old Queen of Sabotage rituals. You’ve ascended to a new throne. (But then again, I’m old enough to have seen the rise of the “Queen” trope in online coach marketing and don’t need to keep treading that stanky water.)

This was just a little love note to tell you: I SEE YOU AND I LOVE YOU AND YOU’RE TIMELESS.

Play with TikTok if you want to.

Don’t if you don’t.

Don’t let ‘feeling old’ in the online business space mean anything other than you have a wealth of experience and truly do know how to navigate people to grow their businesses in ways that are secure and not subject to the whims of tech giants and the ways they choose to censor anybody.

That is MEGA valuable.


I’ve been serving up powerful content online since 2009, serving clients (first as a marketing consultant) since 2014, and coaching since 2017. I also feel “old” in the online business world sometimes. And I love that about me.

What’s next up for you? Tell me in the comments!

For me, next is MORE blog posts here at, and production has started on an all-new podcast that will feature lots of solo episodes from yours truly on emotional health for the successful online entrepreneur.

Wanna stay in touch? Send me a DM on Instagram! (@theRosellaLaFevre)

Feel me?

Love, Rosella

P.S. You’ve made buckets of money (like, $1-2 million or more in all your years in business) and you’re not feeling as satisfied as you thought. Time to work on building your emotional wealth so that your legacy is one of peace as much as prosperity. I work with entrepreneurs just like you to work with your emotions to find satisfaction in who you are as much as what you’ve achieved. Message me if you want to discuss working with me as your private mentor:

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