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Get intimate with your own god-like power to create your life with this classic challenge from Rosella LaFevre.

People who participated when the 6-day ACCESS YOUR GODLINESS challenge ran live in September 2016 reported that the content helped them realize their own god-like power to create.

Going through the practices in this challenge, you will:

  • Dance in your underwear to your favorite jam — and understand exactly why that’s critical to living your dream life — so go ahead and strip down!
  • Walk as a giant through darkness — and contemplate our real might & ability to mold the world around us — and I promise you won’t walk alone!
  • Challenge preconceived notions of the your ability to master their destiny — and come to a new understanding — so get ready to shake it up!
  • Unlock your power to create worlds — a place from which we can do/be/have anything — and we’ll be ready to open that door!

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And guess what?! I’m adding NEW CONTENT in April 2020!

  • BONUS VIDEO: “The Energies of Control, Allowing, Direction”

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