MOTIVATIONAL * The Effort Accumulates!

This post started as a rant against an idea I think is absolutely stupid (see paragraph three) and became a motivational thing. I got SO FIRED UP writing this for you. I hope you love it. Have you seen or heard someone recently say something like the following? “When you post for the sake of […]

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Curious About Quitting Sugar? Read This!
Quitting Sugar is no cake walk

Intuition told me in April 2018 to cut out gluten and it was the easiest lifestyle change I’d ever made. The benefits have been motivation to remain gluten-free. Recently, I was guided to go sugar-free too… Sugar addiction isn’t agreed upon by scientists but maaaaan, it’s gotta be a real thing. It’s been years that […]

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How To Be Happy Now

Sometimes awful, embarrassing, low-down, I’m-the-worst-life-is-never-ever-getting-better, can-this-please-not-be-real shit happens. Like having your card declined for $13 of food at the Dollar Tree when you’re waiting for more money to come in. And it’s totally justifiable to let that make you feel miserable. Or you could… you know… Be happy now. Let’s take a look at how […]

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