Your Business Isn’t Growing. Could You Be The Cause Of Stagnation? [1/3]

Business isn't growing because you're practicing Beginner Energy?

In 2015, I closed the deal with my biggest client, who has paid me more than $45k in the years since. And after that? Shit got hairy and scary in my business. So why wasn’t my business growing steadily, let alone exponentially? My business got stagnant because of a practice we’re covering in today’s post.

In this first post of a 3-part series, you’ll learn about a mindset & energy that could be holding you back from big-time business success. We’ll look at the thoughts characteristic of this way of being. Then we’ll look at the imbalance you’re likely suffering of traits that are critical to your success. We’ll cover how to diagnose if this is indeed the cause of stagnation in your sales/profits. You’ll see that this is at the root of several common problems.

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Business Isn’t Growing? The Cause Is Probably BEGINNER ENERGY

The BEST way to stay exactly where you are is to practice BEGINNER ENERGY.

BEGINNER ENERGY is an attitude toward our past, current and future successes where we feel like we’ve not accomplished anything of note, and that there’s so much more we need to know to be able to accomplish anything. This attitude or energy is created by our repetition of disempowering thoughts and then reinforced by our life experiences (which are created by our thoughts). It is not a necessary or required attitude, and it’s not even a helpful one. Because Beginner Energy is the practice of powerless ignorance instead of empowered curiosity.

BEGINNER ENERGY is primarily a focus problem. When we practice Beginner Energy, we focus on our blind spots and areas of real or perceived inexperience, totally ignoring what we’ve done and done well, so that we can’t feel confident. It’s not even a problem of moving the finish line before you’ve reached it but of moving the starting line so you’re never actually in the race!

This is when we maintain that sense of every next client being the first client we’ll ever work with. (Have you felt that?)

Just Because You’ve Been In Business For Years Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Practicing Beginner Energy

And here’s something really worth noting: BEGINNER ENERGY can surface and be practiced again at any level of your life & business. Because it’s not actually about you being a beginner at something but feeling like you don’t know anything.

REMINDER: Beginner Energy is created and sustained by the repetition of disempowered thoughts and the act of dismissing previous successes.

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The Thoughts of Beginner Energy

Beginner Energy is present in thoughts like the following:

  • I’m nothing special.
  • I’ve done nothing special.
  • It’s crazy to think this will work.
  • I don’t know enough. What else do I need to know?
  • This just can’t work.
  • Why isn’t this working?
  • What’s it going to take?
  • Is it too much to ask that I ____?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • How can I possibly compete when she’s doing this, and she’s doing this?

When these kinds of thoughts pop up and you do not immediately dismiss them with intention, they repeat and repeat and become your energetic state: the state of BEGINNER ENERGY.

Beginner Energy is the condition that keeps you seeking inside of finding.

Rosella LaFevre, Success Coach and Long-Haul Master

BEGINNER ENERGY says “I don’t know anything,” “I need someone to tell me what to do,” and asks “Why isn’t this working?” It ignores questions such as “What have I done well?” Beginner Energy forgets that new info gets to be integrated with “old” info and lived experience. It thinks that others have the answers and keeps us perpetually in search of answers.

Beginner Energy is the condition that keeps you seeking inside of finding.

In the 3rd post of this 3-part series, we’ll talk about how to stop practicing Beginner Energy. But for now, I’ll tell you that the power of a Sponsoring Thought to induce success totally eludes the person who practices Beginner Energy. And you can read more about how to use the Sponsoring Thought here >

The Imbalance Inherent in Beginner Energy

The person practicing Beginner Energy is overly curious in a disempowered way, and as a result, finds it near impossible to feel at all confident. Don’t get this wrong. Curiosity is as critical to your success as confidence is, but there’s a specific way to practice them to achieve your desires. These traits must be in a relative balance to move you closer to your dreams.

BEGINNER ENERGY is fundamentally a problem of incorrect focus. Overly focusing on what others do or consider the right way, and acting as if you don’t have the answers you need are two ways you practice incorrect focus. This is the disempowered version of curiosity. And it leads to loss of confidence. Like when your body leaches calcium and your bones get weak.

When you practice Beginner Energy, you lose confidence and you’re not fortified the way you need to be to receive your manifestations. This is why your business isn’t growing.

Could it be that your business isn't growing because you're practicing Beginner Energy? That's what it is to always be acting like you're new to this, don't have the answers, are doing something wrong and just need someone (anyone) to clue you in. Read the post for more info.

Enjoying this post on Beginner Energy? We’re going to talk in the next post about what the proper balance of curiosity and confidence look like in practice. In the third post of this series, we’ll talk about how to stop practicing Beginner Energy.

Diagnosing Beginner Energy as the Reason Why Your Business Isn’t Working…

You might be practicing (and suffering from) BEGINNER ENERGY if you…

  • Aren’t seeing the profits you desire coming through your business (ESPECIALLY if you’re creating income through other work that doesn’t feel like your soul’s work).
  • Invested in coaching, programs, and courses then saw little or no return on your investments.
  • Need someone to confirm you’re “doing the right thing” (or you want a coach to “tell me what to do”).
  • Downloading all the freebies and watching all the livestreams and failing to understand how that information fits in with or extends your own experience and knowledge.
  • Haven’t signed clients in months. And that’s even though you’ve had spots “available” in your client roster, and you show up consistently.
  • Feel like the next client you sign will be your first, even though it wouldn’t.
  • Feel like signing a client at a new fee is starting all over again and you have thoughts like, I’ve never signed a client at this rate. This is a big deal.

Beginner Energy Can Cause These Common Problems For The Boss Woman Whose Business Isn’t Growing

BEGINNER ENERGY also leads to the suffering of:

  • Zero or Little Profit in Your Business: Struggling to make sales, even if you’ve made sales before, and feeling attacked every time a business coach writes a post about expensive hobbies vs. profit-generating businesses.
  • Shiny Object Syndrome: Like downloading all the freebies, taking all the courses, and always looking for a new answer to the question, “What am I doing wrong?”
  • Impostor Syndrome: Feeling, always, like a big fat fake on the verge of being found out and thrown overboard by the others in your world.
  • Lack of Clarity and Focus: Changing directions constantly, exploring new niches at random, and struggling to give a straight-forward answer about your business (even in your journal).
  • Analysis Paralysis: An obsession with gathering more information combined with the inability to make a damn decision.

Recap of “Your Business Isn’t Growing. Could You Be The Cause Of Stagnation?”

In conclusion, yes, YOU could be the cause of stagnation in your business if you’re practicing Beginner Energy. (Actually… if you believe in Law of Attraction, you’re always the cause of everything you experience…) Anyway.

You learned the following from today’s post about the possible reason why your business isn’t growing:

  • The boss women (and men) who practice the mindset and way of being called BEGINNER ENERGY are usually the same ones who aren’t making sales as desired. This may be the reason big-time business success eludes you.
  • The thoughts that are characteristic of someone practicing Beginner Energy look like: I’m nothing special, It’s crazy to think this will work, and This just isn’t working.
  • Someone practicing Beginner Energy experiences an imbalance of two traits that are critical to success. The first, which someone with Beginner Energy has too much of and is practicing in an unempowered way, is Curiosity. The second, which someone in Beginner Energy is not displaying much of at all, is Confidence.
  • We’ve gone over how you can diagnose if you’ve practiced Beginner Energy, causing stagnation in your sales/profits.
  • I have also outlined for you the common problems caused by the practice of Beginner Energy. These problems include Analysis Paralysis, Imposter Syndrome, and Shiny Object Syndrome.

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW: What is your number 1 takeaway from today’s post?

Post 2 of this series will show you the energy and mindset that are the opposite of Beginner Energy, so you can stop worrying about how your business isn’t growing. That post is coming Wednesday, June 5, 2019.

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Read Post 2/3: “Success Mindset for Business: Cultivate PRO ENERGY to Win” >

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10 Responses

  1. That describes me to a T. I never know where to go or what to do next.
    I can’t wait to see the next installment to see if my ideas are what you suggest.
    My ideas:
    1. Choose one or two “experts” to flow and stop reading the rest for a while
    2. Get serious about my goals and the steps to achieve them.
    3. Go through what I have and decide what to use and what to file away for later.

    1. Lisa, thank you SO MUCH for reading and commenting. You’re a brave badass. By commenting and owning the parts of this content that you related to, you have already committed two acts that have moved you so far in the right direction! Go you!

      So, I love your ideas for how to move through Beginner Energy to its opposite, Pro Energy. (And now you’ve read the final post so you saw what I suggest!)

      If you don’t mind, I think we could dig in a little here to your second idea, which was “Get serious about my goals and the steps to achieve them.” What do you think that feels like? What actions does the person who has gotten serious about their goals take to achieve them?

      Additionally, you have raised a question that I don’t have a firm answer to yet, and that is, “Is the person practicing Beginner Energy inherently disconnected from or not serious about their goals?” The answer I’m leaning toward is this: “No. The person practicing Beginner Energy is absolutely serious about their goals. They want to achieve their goals, and are likely making more exerted effort toward their goals than the person practicing Pro Energy. The difference is that the person practicing Pro Energy, while equally serious about their goals as the person practicing Beginner Energy, is serious about their belief that they have the answers they need (or will find answers inside themselves instead of outside themselves).” How does this sit with you?

      Thanks so much again for your comment and for helping me advance my way of communicating the challenge of Beginner Energy! <3

      1. Rosella, getting serious about my goals means that I need to write them out, along with the steps to achieve them and then get serious about following those steps toward my end goal.

        I agree about the Beginner searching for answers externally, thereby causing information overload and analysis paralysis. The person practicing Pro Energy has the experience and knowledge to use the information without overwhelm.

        1. Love it! Thank you for engaging in this back-and-forth with me. I think it’ll serve you really beautifully <3
          And yes!! "without overwhelm" is definitely a factor -- I would love for more people in the world to realize that overwhelm is a choice you don't have to make. That topic gets me kinda fired up! 😉

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