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Got a great, juicy question on my blog for which I have so much to offer in response.

The question: “If I’m married and love someone (not an ex but a past love who is also married) can I manifest a future with that person? I know he cares for me too because we spoke recently and he is unhappy. I don’t care when it happens just would like it to happen one day when the time is right.”

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OUT OF TIME: Stop Doing the Expected When You Want to Create Something Incredible

“You’re just going to have to work unpaid for a minute.”

I was filled with disgust at her words. Not just disgust; there was some rage.

I saw it so clearly in that moment: The journalism industry is a collective defined by poverty mindset. And this was a former professor of mine telling me I’d have to accept unpaid work to “make it.”

She’d given me this “lead” of a local online publication that she thought might hire me. Apparently she hadn’t vetted this “opportunity,” or perhaps worse, she knew they didn’t have any paying jobs and thought I’d just “take it.”

I was a graduate at this point. I’d written, paid, for nearly 5 years. And I lived with my boyfriend and our roommate in an apartment where rent was due the 1st of every month.

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OUT OF TIME. I had no more minutes to work unpaid.

And in that moment, as I lost respect for this faculty member selling her former students into a modern version of indentured servitude (except nobody’d bought my passage to the New World before expecting me to ‘work it off’), I rejected this lack-based mindset with every rage-filled fiber of my being.



Long story short: I moved out of the world of journalism.

I could no longer resonate with these brilliant writers selling their souls for low-paying assignments and checks that take 6 or more months to come. I could no longer resonate with these minds critical of governments and systems, who also probably needed food stamps to eat or (as another journalist advised me to find one of my own) ‘a rich husband.’

I wanted to be my own rich husband. I wanted to do work I LOVE, that feels purposeful, and be paid well for it.

We could say that after that I followed the money,
but what I really followed? Wealth consciousness.

I looked for it everywhere I went, and in all the online spaces I could think of.

While I continue to shed layers of this deeply ingrained poverty mindset, I’ve also come a long way. And I see this in little details of my daily existence.


At the time when a former professor told me I’d have to work “unpaid for a minute,” I was:

  • Taking a shower every 4-5 days to save on water bills & on shampoo/conditioner/soap
  • Rarely, if ever, buying paper towels because they felt like a luxury (we did have a roommate though who bought them, thankfully!)
  • Afraid to sign up for Netflix because $10 a month felt like Rockefeller money
  • Washing clothes maybe 1x/month, also to save on water
  • Buying the cheapest of any food at the grocery store, even buying margarine to save a bit on butter. Many days what I ate were noodles & margarine (or butter when ‘fancy’)
  • Sometimes not even having money for food
  • Experiencing Dunkin iced coffee maaaybe 1x/week and certainly NEVER having Starbucks (lux.u.ry I couldn’t allow!)
  • Downloading only free books (not really because I wanted to read them but because they were free) to a Kindle my Dad gave me for Christmas one year
  • Wearing underwear I’d had for 5+ years
  • Hardly ever shopping for anything other than food
  • Our biggest expenditure when we had any money: ordering food delivery
  • Denying our desire for a pet because we couldn’t afford another mouth to feed

Now, I see improvement everywhere (when I remember to look for it and sometimes I forget and still feel broke even though I’m clearly doing better than I used to).


Today, my wealth consciousness work empowers me to:

  • Shower daily, thank you very much, using actual shaving cream to shave my legs
  • ALWAYS buy Kerrygold butter ($3.99/8oz), not even “plain” butter ($3/16oz at Aldi’s), because I prefer the bolder taste and color of Kerrygold
  • Keep Dunkin grounds for Chris, Lavazza grounds for me when I want hot coffee, and Starbucks Cold Brew packets for when I want cold brew at home
  • Enjoy a weekly Starbucks solo date
  • Spend $23 to try Keto-approved cookies called Fat Snax (when they get here Sunday, I’ll share how I like them)
  • One time spend $100+ on shampoo/conditioner/other stuff from Monat (though honestly I don’t think I’d ever buy it again)
  • Spending $10-15 each on books I WANT to read on a Kindle I bought 5 years ago that still works well! lol
  • Wearing underwear I ordered on Amazon just a couple of months ago with free 2-day shipping LOL
  • Loving our pretty kitty, Tootsie, and giving her picky-eater-ass the food she likes LOL

Seriously, there was a moment today when I spur-of-the-moment decided to pull the trigger on ordering myself $30 Sam Edelman rainboots (name brand, baby!) from Amazon [affiliate link].

Old, poverty-conscious me whispered, “Maybe you shouldn’t’ve,” and I was like, “Nah, we’re done walking around with wet feet every time it rains.”

Because I don’t need to work unpaid for ANY minutes, nor do I need to let my wet tootsies freeze for one more minute!

What do you no longer have any minutes for?

Intentionally run out of time for the same old bullshit to

Create a Life Beyond Belief!

xoxo Rosella
December 6, 2019

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Out of Time: Stop Walking the Expected Path If You Want to Live a Life Incredible

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Manifest With The Freakout: A Meltdown Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be/Do/Have What You Desire

Whatever it is you wish to create in your life or business, you’re in the process of manifesting. Even if you don’t call it that.

Manifesting is such a fun thing to talk about! But I’ve seen many a well-intentioned manifesting teacher make this a dense heavy thing for others by repeating something they think they heard Abraham Hicks say. That thing that instantly tenses up a would-be LOA-wunderkin and keeps them from receiving that which they actually desire? The idea that one must be strictly “high vibe” or “good vibes only.”

I LOVE a good vibe like we all do, but I refuse to buy a damn thing that proclaims “good vibes only.” Because that’s just not fucking realistic! Or fair!

And look… I’ve always been a fan of Sylvia Plath and Edgar Allen Poe and all those dark literary gods who can so well convey heaviness. I have always appreciated my heaviness, my darkest moments. I have LOVED a good cry.

There’s NO WAY you were put here on this planet in your body to not feel the whole range of emotions.



You’re here in a body that is a FEELING INSTRUMENT complete with the capacity to feel the whole range of human emotions, vibrations, sensations. (Unless you’re a psychopath, and I don’t mean that lightly as psychopaths have a diminished capacity to feel.) Still, you’re here with an impressive capacity to feel. How dare someone tell you you shouldn’t feel a specific emotion or set of them!!

That’s bullshit.

None of the feelings or emotions you feel are wrong.

You get to feel all of those feelings and express them. You get to have a freak out or meltdown if you need to. You don’t want to push it down, push it away. You don’t want to make the emotion “wrong” because when you do that, you’re essentially just sticking yourself with it. You’re making it hang out forever and ever and ever. It’s gonna drag you down versus if you just trusted yourself to feel what you feel and let it move through you, then you’d be free to get back to a new perspective, to feeling good, to believing you get to have what you want.

This week I had an unauthorized charge made to my bank account, and it took a few days from when I saw the charge until the bank could initiate the dispute. One of the days I was waiting, I went into a meltdown.

Some part of me thought the world was ending and needed to feel it, to feel all the fear, to feel all the concern. I let myself cry hysterically, gasping for air, feelings like I was being squashed to death. I noticed how I was telling a story that so many areas of my life are meaningless, an old story of “nothing I do matters,” and I noticed that these stories and ideas hurt SO BADLY because I wanted the opposite to be true.

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As I had my meltdown, I was aware of my own awareness. I heard the wisest part of myself talk lovingly and reassuringly. “That’s not true, but I know how true it feels to you. The worst doesn’t have to happen. This charge can be reversed.” I even noticed this wisest part of me saying, “And even if it ‘sticks’ and the money is essentially gone, it’s OK because (blank), and (blank), and (blank).” I noticed how the bratty part of me (for lack of a better term, but not meant as self-judgment) was refusing to believe it could be OK.

The meltdown happened. And it passed in about 10 minutes. I think it concluded with both the wisest part of me and the most deeply pained part of me mutually agreeing to disagree. I knew that both ideas existed within me: the idea that I’d be OK if the charge “stuck,” and the idea that I would die if it did.

The wisest part of me may have had the last word on that when today, a couple of days after my meltdown, I realized, “I’ve survived 100% of my bad days. I’ve survived 100% of the situations that I thought were world-is-ending-level catastrophic.”

The thing is… When you have the meltdown or the freak-out or even just a moment of sadness, you don’t need to tell yourself the story that now, because you let a ‘bad vibe’ in, you can’t get what you want. I encourage you to actively refute that unhelpful idea. When you hear someone say that you must be high-vibe or positive to make shit manifest, simply say, “That’s interesting,” and move on. Or say, “Delete!” Delete that idea!

Feel what you feel, honey. It’s absolutely perfect.

Create a Life Beyond Belief

xoxo Rosella
December 1, 2019

Do you want to…

– Do better financially for yourself and your family?
– Grow a business that plays to your strengths and has forgiveness for your weaknesses?
– Find emotional stability, and not be taken out of the game by your doubts and anxieties?
– Experience your own wholeness?
– Rectify a pattern of over-giving to all others but yourself?

Perhaps a tall order to accomplish all of this in one program, but this isn’t just any offer I’m here to share with you today! This is the…


In this space, you’ll be supported to:


Gain true unstoppable momentum in your business, shedding Beginner Energy and stepping into your Pro Energy


Increase your level of Self-Kindness through measurement and the development of practices that sooth your soul


Turn up the volume on your intuition which greases the wheels of life and business, and turn down the volume on fear and doubt (though our goal is not to eradicate them fully and we never make these feelings wrong inside the Incredible Mastermind)


Master observing your emotional ups & downs to achieve what we call True Emotional Stability (think having your sea legs when emotions arise! This means you can have freak-outs and never move backward from your desires)


Activate your inner leader through a soul-led process and get support to position yourself as the leader to the world


Where we’ll create all of the above for you in a program

That never closes so you can stay as long as you need or like.

Others have created incredible things like the following with my help:


️Charge 3x for their time and work what they would’ve on their own


️Break up with a narcissist boyfriend


️Manifest a job while building her business


️Enroll loved ones in their vision for life & business so they don’t feel like they’re fighting against all odds


️Reach huge audiences via authority-enchanting platforms such as HuffPost, Entrepreneur(.)com, and Forbes(.)com


️Rapidly grow their communities on social media


️Secure funding for their nonprofit


️Find the courage to confront the parts of themselves that are procrastinating on living their dreams


️And so much more

What amazing results will the members of the Incredible Mastermind create? I can’t wait to see!

Here’s what I’m giving you inside of this program to support your fullest expression and expansion.

Members of the INCREDIBLE MASTERMIND get access to:


Weekly group coaching on livestream


Weekly homework / action steps


Weekly journal prompts


Weekly affirmations


I believe all of this is easily worth $800 or more each month

For now, you can join for ONLY $400/month when you pay month-to-month

Or as little as $167/month when you prepay for 6 months via Google Pay!

Message me on Facebook for more on payment details.

Or if you need help to decide, click below and fill out an application. I’ll get back to you to schedule a decision-making call.

8 Steps to Take to STOP Mindlessly Doing Things You’re Not Enjoying So You Can Avoid Your Emotions

The curriculum of inner work that the Universe has been guiding me through recently is intense and amazing. I’ve declared big goals and dreams for myself, and I’m being shown areas where my energy has been out of alignment with my desires. I am committed to doing this work, and more than that, committed to sharing it!

I’m so excited to share with you an 8-step process I intuitively followed last night after I caught myself in behavior that I was not enjoying or truly benefitting from. And I’ll show you how it helps you to honor your emotions and go into creating your own life beyond belief. (Remember, that’s what we’re all about around here!)

You’ll find subheadings here, marked by double asterisks, which are the steps of the process. At the end is a handy-dandy, neat little list of all 8 steps.

**Do I ACTUALLY Want to Be Doing This?

…is what I had to ask myself when I noticed I was watching random YouTube videos and Instagram Stories after I’d already written my goals (usually the second-to-last thing I do before sleep).

There was an aimlessness as I clicked from one thing to the next. Thoughts bubbling like: “Do I really want to watch this?” and “What did I just get out of watching that?”

I didn’t actually want to be watching these things.

I wanted to go be asleep because I’d set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. I’ve so been enjoying waking up early to write my goals, meditate, and write my daily blog.

But as I slid someone’s IG story down and away to stop it, I recognized that I’d been in avoidance.

**Why Am I Doing This If I Don’t Really Want to Be?

… is the next thing I asked myself and the answer was immediately available and clear: I sought to avoid the gnawing sense of worry inside.

Not only did I not really want to watch the things I watched, I did not, in the act of watching, achieve the outcome that I know I was in that behavior to achieve.

Watching those videos didn’t stop my worry, it just stuffed it down where it could fester.

Worry shows up at other times of the day, but it does seem most insistent on having my attention pre-sleep. The last few days I’ve made a concentrated effort to move through the worry that frequently pops up when I’m approaching my bedtime. My approach to resolving and releasing this worry has included making the decision to surrender my worries. I’ve affirmed, “I surrender all worry and choose now to feel safe no matter what.”

And there I was last night in avoidance behavior that was keeping me from sleep and also from facing, let alone processing, the worry that was creeping up inside.

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**What If, Instead of Avoiding, I FACED / Felt The Thing?

As soon as I became conscious that I was doing something I didn’t want to do to avoid facing something I didn’t want to face, I came into the knowing that if I’d just give Worry a minute to voice itself, maybe it would step aside. If I actually fully felt it and heard its message, maybe it would slink away quickly.

**What Does It Have to Teach Me?

Pulling myself into a seated position on the bed, I put my journal in my lap and I had a conversation in writing with Worry.

Giving Worry space to voice itself, I received this: “I’m afraid of the consequences of not _____. I should be able to (do) _____. I should not be ____. I don’t want x person judging me or telling me I need to do more. (But I worry my desire to do exactly as much as I do is not enough.)”

(I’ve left out some specifics because the specifics don’t actually matter; I want you to see the kinds of thoughts associated with my sense of Worry.)

**Has This Feeling Surfaced a True Problem Which I Can Allow to Resolve?

I understood this was an old problem, with a lot of “evidence” in my past that makes the idea of being “Not Enough” feel very real to my nervous system. Fair enough. This is a problem to process.

**Will this Feeling that Surfaced the Problem but Could Keep Me Stuck Now Step Aside if I Promise to Handle the Problem?

Writing back to Worry: “OK, Worry, but if the problem is that I fear I am not enough, what can I actually do about that? See, you probably don’t have an answer, Worry, because you’re the energy of identifying problems, not the energy which identifies solutions.” (Maybe I was scolding Worry a little bit, so I softened, and continued writing…)

**Don’t Forget to Thank The Emotion for Surfacing a Problem! And What Force Can I Three-Way Call into This Problem to Assure the First Emotion We’ve Got It as Good as Sorted?

Writing more: “THANK YOU SO MUCH, Worry, for identifying a problem that needs solving. Thank you! You rock for helping me see this. Can you take a backseat as I powwow with Universal Love to open up and receive the shift that could result in the easy, effortless resolution of the [problem which is, in my subconscious, the result of not feeling enough]?”

I felt a release when I’d finished. Worry could step aside.

Then I wrote to Universal Love: “Universal Love and the Council of Light*, I call you in and thank you in advance for your full support and guidance in the release of the idea I am not enough.”

I wrote this with the conviction that a higher power could easily step in and do “work behind the scenes” to help me shift this if I declared myself open to such support.

**What Aligned Action Shall I Take to Resolve This?

In my journal, I played with this idea of my newly identified desire: “I want to align with the idea that I’m enough, always, just as I am, to live well, have support, access all the resources I need, and have a lot of fun, too. I choose now to align myself with love and the conviction that I am enough.”

(Remember, here in my world, it’s perfectly OK to “want” something. Acknowledging your desire of it with even 5% faith that you can have what you desire is enough to start you on the path to receiving.)

I also felt inspired to listen to a guided meditation I’ve accessed before which is all about being enough. After listening to the meditation, I found sleep came quickly to me last night. And I woke inspired to listen to the meditation again.

While I may not magically, fully believe in every cell of my being yet that I am enough, I’ve certainly begun the healing. And the very wisest part of me says: “Don’t be surprised if the problem, which you thought the worry was all about, does magically begin to sort itself out in an accelerated way.”

Again, I’m so excited to share with you this 8-step process. I literally didn’t realize when I sat down to write today’s Truthletter that all this would come out, but I’m so glad it did! (And yeah, I wrote the intro to this post after I wrote the bulk of it.)

The 8 Steps in Summary

To recap, here are the 8 steps that can take you from Worry (or some other emotion you’re tempted to avoid) to Release to Creating a Life Beyond Belief!

1. Do I actually want to be doing this?
2. Why am I doing this if I don’t really want to be?
3. What if, instead of avoiding, I faced / felt the thing?
4. What does it have to teach me?
5. Has this feeling surfaced a true problem which I can allow to resolve?
6. Will this feeling that surfaced the problem but could keep me stuck now step aside if I promise to handle the problem? (Don’t forget to thank the emotion for surfacing a problem!)
7. What positive force can I three-way call into this problem to assure the first emotion we’ve got it as good as sorted?
8. What aligned action shall I take to resolve this?

Now go forth and use these steps to

Create a Life Beyond Belief!

xoxo Rosella
October 7, 2019

7 Major Changes I Made in 2019

How I Changed My Life in 2019
(A.K.A. 7 Major Changes I’ve Made Jan. 1 – Oct. 6, 2019)

It’s quite silly, really, this story I habitually tell myself that I’m stuck in the same place; that no matter how hard I try, I’m just treading water and staring at the same view.

I found myself beginning the old narrative in a moment of self-pity. And I — thank god — snapped right out of it. This year I’ve made major, impossible-to-ignore changes and the results have been astonishing. (Hello, size 14! It was nice knowing you, size 18.)

In reflecting upon them, I felt really excited to share them this way. I hope it serves you. And, if I may, I encourage you to keep watching! I KNOW other, big things are coming through. I can see the next change or three I’ll be making, and I’m seriously enjoying the steps. Recently, my ego wanted to rush into making the next logical (and soul-led) change that I know is coming. In that moment, I felt utterly confident that I get to enjoy being in this new energy created by making the 7th change for a bit longer. I’ll know the right time to make my 8th big change as it will come without an anxious, pressured feeling.

Now onto the list of the 7 big changes I’ve made so far in 2019!

1. I took on a job.

January 1, I started as Lease Administrator. I’d worked in a contract position very, very part-time with the company I rent my apartment from over the past few years. They had the Lease Administrator position coming open and I took it. I seriously debated whether I would. I certainly NEVER in my life imagined myself working in a Leasing Office, and certainly did not imagine taking on more responsibility there.

Anyway, I decided to take the position, and I’ve found myself surprised by how much I appreciate some structure. The way my weeks are set up (I work as Lease Administrator 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and I have 3-day weekends) has worked for me, and I’ve still enjoyed a great sense of time abundance.

Working this job also acted as a pacifier. See, I’ve long felt pressure to be useful/productive. It’s, I’m sure, a result of parents demanding good grades in school. So working this job I didn’t feel as much pressure to do in my business. I could slow down and move more from faith than adrenaline.

In that space, I did so much more!

2. I connected with my body and made a habit of movement.

Surprisingly, my new position as Lease Administrator was physical. For the first few weeks, I was physically sore nearly every day. Sore back, sore legs, even sore arms. All from moving around my office and the 12-acre campus on which the company has several buildings, and even from all the filing! I remember joking about it with my boss at one of my first few meetings.

By March, I was craving movement in a way I’d never been. I started a daily walk. And using my phone’s pedometer capability, I tracked my steps, increasing from a high of 1500 steps to an *average* of 4500 and up to about 8500 steps in a single day.

My daily walks replaced near-daily naps. Seriously! I used to nap all the time! On days I took a walk, I didn’t feel myself wanting a nap. On days I didn’t feel like walking, I inevitably seemed to fall asleep for like 3 hours. (Well, I guess 3 hours of sleep isn’t really a nap, lol, but it also isn’t a full night’s sleep… so I’m just gonna keep calling it a nap.)

3. My internal clock turned back, so I enjoy starting my days early.

This wasn’t at first a conscious choice. When the Daylight Savings Time started in March, I woke up an hour earlier and went to work earlier than I was originally scheduled for. And I found I really liked starting and ending my work day earlier. That was when I consciously committed to earlier wakeups. From March 2019 through mid-September 2019, this meant waking up at 7 a.m. Before this, I’d always considered myself a night owl. Since late September, I’ve started waking up between 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. And this means my mornings have space for me to do the other things I’m going to share below.

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4. I started eating my own carnivore/keto inspired diet.

You’ve maybe seen my posts about this already. Around May 2019, I stopped eating most vegetables. I focused on eating meat, bacon, butter, and cheese. I drink water, butter coffee, or coffee with half-n-half or heavy whipping cream. I absolutely cut sugar from my coffees (when 2019 started, I’d been consuming approximately 3 tbsp in each cup and up to three cups a day). Full truth: I still eat sugar, but I work at not eating it every day like I used to.

On this mostly meat and dairy diet, I’ve really come to find that eating *any* vegetable makes me feel RAVENOUS and creates other undesirable effects. There really actually is no veggie I can think of that I don’t enjoy the taste of, but it feels really easy to not eat veggies. I honestly don’t want them.

And these diet changes have created amazing results in my energy. I used to feel tired all the time. I’d wake up tired. Now, I feel energetic often. In fact, being in the office has gotten harder and harder because I feel so energetic it’s hard to feel “stuck” in one place. I notice now when I feel tired mid-day it’s not because my body is actually tired or over-taxed or anything but related to my emotions, and then I can do the emotional work to shift and get back to feeling good.

5. I started meditating daily.

Every morning, the third thing I do (I’ll tell you about first thing shortly, and the second thing is usually going to the bathroom, LOL) is meditate. I use a guided meditation — whichever one I feel inspired to use — and get at least 5 minutes of meditation. I’d love to work up to 1-hour meditations. For now, I’m super proud of, and well served by, my 5-15 minute meditations. I feel good when I meditate early in the day. It’s a solid, grounded, safe feeling.

I also usually fall asleep listening to a guided meditation with subliminals and binaural beats.

6. I started rolling over first thing and writing goals & affirmations with my eyes still half-closed.

For years I’ve journaled. And I’ve done goal- and affirmation-writing on and off in different ways and rituals throughout the past 6 years. But new this year — and actually just since maybe August or September — is the habit of writing these the very first thing, before I even go to the bathroom. Literally, I don’t care how badly I feel I need to go, a page of goals gets written out beforehand.

7. I resumed the practice of writing a daily blog.

In 2017, I wrote daily blog posts and the practice was something I called Truthletting. I got out of the habit. Then in September, I felt inspired to resume the practice. I was excited about being the woman who writes daily blog posts. And so I made the commitment. (You can now sign up to receive my daily Truthletter:

The Change That Came Before These

Many of these changes I’ve made this year are things I’ve previously “flirted” with. So as I write this, it seems to me there was another change, internal/foundational, that paved the way for these other 7 changes to stick as they have.

I think this foundational change was a form of death. There were a few weeks between when I was initially asked to take the job and when I actually assumed the position. In those weeks, I felt sure that taking the job meant something about me, about my faith in myself, about my desire to grow the online business that has been my dream + the focus of so much freakin’ effort over 6 years. I worried it meant something bad about those things. In the end when I took the job, I felt the death of some part of myself. And what is death but a form of surrender?

Surrender is absolutely, always, part of the manifesting process.

If you’re feeling stuck or stagnant, or you worry about how to use the last three months of this decade (how about those annoying-ass posts everybody’s making about that right now? UGH), it’s likely time you surrender to the circumstances. The surrender may feel to you like grief, and that’s OK.

If you want to make changes, start with surrender.

Surrender is definitely part of the “how” when you seek to
Create a Life Beyond Belief!

xoxo Rosella
October 6, 2019

Get Fed Up Spending All Your Time Worrying

Last night I got fed up and made a change.

Look… I was ready to go to bed at 7 p.m. But I told myself I should stay awake until about 9 p.m. (If I fall asleep at 7 p.m. I have a tendency to wake at midnight, after which I can’t fall asleep again until 2 or 4 a.m. And I’ve actually been waking between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. most days in the past month, which I actually enjoy, so I didn’t want a midnight wake-up to ruin my early rising.)

So I stayed awake.

I scheduled some content for social media. And I used my journal to call in guidance around my business and ways I can serve that will feel incredibly pleasurable. (The ideas that came through are 


 straight fire, though I’m not ready to share them just yet!)

When I was finally to the point of ready to let myself sleep, I noticed a lot of worry thoughts and slight nausea.

This is far from new.

I’ve had worry thoughts most nights before bed. I think I once described this to my then-coach as “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” What. A. Damn. Burden.

Combing over areas of my life where it all could fall apart and I could end up destitute, homeless, or worse, have people judge me. (I’m being a little dramatic here and honestly kinda making fun of myself.)

And yeah, I’m really well-f*ckin-practiced at imagining the judgments others have of me. I guess when you grow up hearing others around you judge and criticize themselves, you, and honestly every single person in your world, you *would* get a PhD in the ‘prediction’ of the judgment others could have of you.

I noticed this recently; just how much time and energy I’ve given every single day to my projections of self-judgment onto the people around me. I sincerely could beg every person I know to forgive me for imagining them judging me.

I have been, I now realize, acknowledging my desire to shed this habit of judgment projection in moments throughout at least the past week. Perhaps longer.

I want to free myself. And stop imagining things.

In my head, until the act of writing this, my habit of projecting judgment on others, and my experience of worry (very frequently and most invasive before bed), were two different things. Now I see how intertwined they are! (Holy perspective shift, batman!)

So back to the story of last night! Last night I noticed the worry. I gave it the name of worry, and maybe that was an all-too-hopeful act, because I’ve been reading Gabby Bernstein’s new book, Super Attractor, and am currently in the chapter which uses the Abraham-Hicks emotional scale, so I had the awareness as I checked in with my emotions that “worry” is 8 levels above “fear.” The 8 levels of separation from fear feels good and like it’s more manageable so we’re going to call what I was feeling “worry” even though it totally derives from fear.

Calling it “worry” unlocked a memory I’ve long ignored, actually, and did make a shift feel really fucking easy once I decided I was FED-the-HELL-UP!

Yesssss! I decided I have had more than my fill of habitual, constant worry! I don’t want to wrestle with worry. I want to start that meditation I listen to as I fall asleep in a better-feeling-emotion than worry!

Thank you, worry, for showing me what I really want! Now you can go.

Oh, so the memory that surfaced that made shifting this feel really easy was of a younger Rosella affirming to herself and others, “The more I worry, the better things turn out,” and “I’m a world-class worrier.” (I really remember saying those words and… WOW.)

A long time ago I defined myself by my capacity for worry. Nuts. Almonds. Walnuts. Chestnuts. Peanuts. Cashews. Wild.

I explored the truth of my habit of worry, even as far back as the time I got caught cheating on my English mid-term as a high school sophomore, and I saw (this is straight from last night’s journal entry):

“I NOW can recognize that (1) Yes I did successfully manifest in all situations I’ve ever lived through really pretty acceptable outcomes [I can celebrate my power as a creator!] and (2) I was simply putting my stock/faith in the wrong concept; it wasn’t the worry thoughts I practiced that helped me to manifest acceptable outcomes but surrender! When situations looked really, really dire, I surrendered through pleading with God to help me out. In less dire situations, I simply, at some point, chose that I’d worried enough and I could/would live with whatever the outcome was.”

I wrote more: “I AM THE CREATOR and worry has never actually been a constructive/creative tool I needed.”

Now, to heal my worry habit, I could turn to the ACTUAL tool that helped me when worry was only freaking me out. “I now turn to my ultimate creative tool [surrender] and I open myself to release all attachment to worry. I can give up worry. It’s not something I have any business practicing.”

Realizing this, I saw clearly that I could now make a new choice and affirm something different.

My new affirmation: “I surrender all worry and choose to feel safe no matter what.”

I wrote it once at the top of the next journal page with my eyes open. Then I closed my eyes and wrote it again and again as I felt it.


Now this is how you
Create a Life Beyond Belief!

xoxo Rosella

October 2, 2019

Rich Couple Goals: When She Needs to Be Rich & He Doesn’t Care

I badly want us to be rich. He doesn’t give a flying fart.

Yesterday, I heard my boyfriend say to his dad, “I don’t need to be rich, I just want to do what I want” or something to that effect.

This isn’t news to me.

I’ve heard him say that before, that he doesn’t care about being rich. (Though he offers several finishers to the statement, “When we’re rich…” over our years together.)

I used to get angry and offended hearing him say he doesn’t need to be rich.

See, I’ve cared very much that we get rich. I’ve agonized over how to get us there. I’ve daydreamed about how nice it would be to be there financially. I have viewed my ambitions for wealth as a way of loving him and giving to him (as well as myself and our future kids, should we have any). I have taken great pride in my “need” to become rich.

Couple goals get complicated when she wants to be rich and he doesn't care

And in past moments when I’ve been in agony (using this word again because I’m serious; that’s what it was) over our financial “reality,” and he’s said something to the effect of “I don’t need to be rich,” I made this mean things. I got ANGRY at him. Resentful.

My thoughts looked like: Don’t you love me? If you love me, you should waaaaaant to be rich. Becoming rich should matter to you. Should mean everything.

Seriously. No kidding. I really felt my boyfriend must not love me as much as I love him if he didn’t want to do the work to become rich for me/us.

Inner Work…

…is something I’ve done for years, but I’ve hit new depths with it in the past month or two, and so I’ve had a lot of shifts lately.

Like, I listened to this FANTASTIC history of debt, an audiobook literally called DEBT, by David Graeber (and OMG go listen to or read it if you have any debt…) I came to understand the literal millennia of history throughout which we’ve all made debt come to mean things about our morality and character. (It is insane…) I released shame I felt about the debts I have. I realized that the organizations to which I owe money do NOT actually have any power over me or any say in what I get to be/do/have in my life. PROFOUND. Good shit.

Additionally I recently realized my desire to become rich *has* eclipsed all my other desires.

I got clear:

I’ve made pretty much everything I desire contingent upon a specific amount of money. (And even though Chris has engaged in a little “When we’re rich” daydreaming with me, he never seems to actually put anything he really desires off for money.)

I stopped even believing I could feel creative until I had an unspecified (but big) sum of money. So I’ve made some choices and intentionally created shifts so that I can start experiencing my own creativity.

Given all of the work I’ve been doing, I have been feeling pretty much like a new person. (In fact, yesterday the Universe delivered that mantra to me via another book I’m reading [Gabby Bernstein’s Super Attractor]: “I feel like a new person.”)

As the new woman that I am, when I heard Chris say to his father that he doesn’t need to be rich, I noticed the old reaction want to pop up and fill my whole being, but the NEW Rosella didn’t even have to make a conscious decision that we weren’t going there again. Like… the old reaction whispered in me, but I actually felt admiration.

I admire that about him.

And as I listened to him continue his conversation, I felt the words fill me up. Chris is meant to teach me this: not allowing our money situation to dictate what he can be or do. He is not a victim of the internal chaos I’ve experienced because I have decided that I can’t be/do/have what I want until I have “more money.”

And honestly, I can’t believe I’m learning this lesson again nor that I was in such bad need of it.

I AM incredibly grateful that I’m also no longer projecting onto Chris that he loves me less or is doing me a disservice by not obsessing about money as I do. It’s about time I got here to this point. I love everything this man is, everything he already taught me, and everything he will teach me moving forward.

Fills my eyes with happy tears.

Get you a partner who will support you as you (both)

Create a Life Beyond Belief!!!

xoxo Rosella

October 2, 2019

Can You Find Joy in the Process?

How long have you gone rumbling down Desire Highway on a pony tire installed by ego?

Yes, you want things. It’s good to want things. To have things you desire to be, do, have. 

We’re not so afraid of the word “want” around here. The act of wanting something, of “desiring” it as spiritual teachers somewhat arbitrarily decided is a better word than “want,” doesn’t mean you cannot have it.

The Universe is always saying yes to us unless the desire is born of ego and it would cost us greater misalignment if we were to receive it.

Maybe the baby hasn’t been conceived yet because you want it too much for the need to identify as a mother (and assuming that you have to have birthed your own baby to identify as a mother).

Maybe the business hasn’t taken off yet because you haven’t allowed yourself to understand how joyful the WORK will FEEL, and the Universe doesn’t want to give you the external success until you’ve made space to allow the good feelings about and because of the work.

Maybe the perfect home hasn’t shown up yet because the Universe wants you to understand that the studio apartment you live in doesn’t define you, could never define you, and that the “perfect home” will still be the perfect home after you’ve lost interest in it because it will be the place your energy resides until you allow another (that makes it perfect).

The Universe is always saying yes. Sometimes it adds, “and you’ll have it as soon as you allow your ego to step aside.”

Is there an ego-based reason you think you need the experience you’ve wanted for so long and not yet had?

I got real honest with myself today and did some channeled handwriting, filling like 12 pages in a spiral notebook, around the idea that my business will be in a much different place if I connect with the joy of the work. Yes… four paragraphs up *is* about me.

I’ve been making business success all about the good feelings of the outcome of lots of money received and people helped, but I didn’t truly anchor into how good it feels to offer service to others.

I’m tempted here to write, “God, forgive me!” And it’s really embarrassing to admit that there literally, before today, had not been space in my being to experience the joy of service.

I’ve coached others and it hasn’t felt the way that great. I told myself this was understandable. They hadn’t paid the full fees I wanted to receive for my work. My ego said, “Of course I’m not gonna feel good about coaching someone who paid peanuts for my time and energy.” But that’s EGO — and in, “ew, go [away, you ugly perspective]!”

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There is so much potential for how good my work gets to feel if I can remember to take ego out of it.

And it seems I’m in the space to allow that potential!

The last 6 months of my life have seen me become a different woman. I made so many changes to my ways of being that I now see are fully connected and have built on one another to give me a “leg up.” I take daily walks, I eat more simply, I meditate daily, I read about 3 books per week, and I’ve come full circle back to something I did in 2017: writing a daily blog. I’ve built these habits upon each other and am, quite truthfully, blown away by my capacity to be consistent with these practices.

Now I know these things have piled atop one another and given me structure to believe I can make any change I desire as well as the ways to recognize where I’ve created misalignment, as I realized today I have done in my coaching business by not truly perceiving of or allowing the heights of joy that I can experience in the process of a thing.

And I’ve gotta rejoice that my openness to improvement in my physical condition, which led me to diet changes that led to dropping two clothing sizes, has shown me in the past six months that when I surrender to the process I get so much out of it with more ease than when my ego is all involved.

I can create incredible, miraculous results through choosing to experience the process!







What a death blow to the ego! Haha

So now I’ve shared with you, even though it felt squeeze-me-until-I-can-barely-breathe icky, the exact way that the Universe has been saying “Yes, and you can have it as soon as your ego gets out of the way,” to what has been my biggest desire for the past six years. I’m totally “to blame” for the Universe holding off on delivering the experience I have longed for. And I feel the need to specify in different words, that I LONGED FOR IT AND EXPERIENCED PAIN BECAUSE I KEPT TELLING MYSELF THAT IT MEANT SOMETHING FOR ME NOT TO HAVE IT AND THAT I COULD NOT EXPERIENCE JOY EXCEPT IN THE ACHIEVEMENT OF A THING LIKE THE SALE OF A BIG COACHING PACKAGE.

What have you wanted, and felt pain (maybe unbearable pain) not having the experience of, that you haven’t yet received? Is there some way that you’ve confused the feelings you’re meant to have in the PROCESS of the thing with the feelings your ego tells you won’t be felt until you have a specific result? If you can simply IDENTIFY the way this has been present for you, you’ve done deep, damn important work today!

In the channeled handwriting I did (see the picture for just one page!), I repeatedly got the message that I can practice feeling the joy. That’s my simple homework. Practice feeling the joy of being in service in the ways I’ve long wanted to be, and have been (without appreciating it because I’m human and it happens that sometimes we do the exact things we want without appreciating them).

I think if you allow yourself to simply identify how you’ve done to yourself around your own goals (similarly to what I did to myself), you’ll then find that the homework is as simple as mine.

Now, let’s go…

Create a Life Beyond Belief!

xoxo Rosella

October 1, 2019

Manifesting Weight Loss After I Gave Up On Changing My Body…

I’m quite flippin’ excited! In the past three weeks, I’ve lost 5 pounds!

For years, I didn’t weigh myself. I avoided doctors and scales, so I don’t know how much I weighed at my ‘heaviest.’ I do know that in May 2019 when I initiated drastic changes to my diet, I wore a size 18 (or a 16 in more forgiving brands).

In July, people started to recognize that I’d lost weight. I didn’t quantifiably know how much I’d lost to that point.

All I knew? Well… a few things:

  1. I felt (still feel) incredibly energetic every day. Never before May did I feel this physically energized. I notice whenever I feel tired these days it’s not about being tired physically, but rather mentally/emotionally. (There are other areas of my life where I’m ready for some changes!)
  2. I no longer feel gnawing hunger that compels me to eat 4-5 small meals in six hours at night. (Before May I might be starving at 4, eat potatoes, then hungry again an hour later and make other veggies, and then hungry again an hour after that and eat some chips, and hungry another hour later, so on and lots of calories consumed!)
  3. It was like somebody had finally given my sugar addiction a chill pill, and it was lovely to not feel like I’d die if I didn’t eat sugar every single day. (More below on my temporary fall back into near-daily candy consumption)
  4. My clothes DEFINITELY fit differently.

So when others started commenting on how much I appeared to have lost and a friend offered to let me use her scale, I weighed myself. She said to me, “You look like you’ve lost 45 pounds!” That day (and I was silly enough not to write down the dates of my first weigh-ins), I weighed 211. About four weeks later, I stepped on the scale again and saw the number 208.

On September 3, after a weekend of indulging in lots of candy corn (yeah, I know, I’m weird for loving candy corn), I had my third weigh-in. Back up to 211.

I was dreading another weigh-in though I had planned to check in on the scale this week. Then yesterday when I saw the friend whose scale I use, she said, “You look skinnier than the last time I saw you!” That put a big-ass smile on my face. (I wore my size 16 Levi’s jeans yesterday, which when I first got them, left impressions in my puffy belly because they were tight, and they’re now very, very roomy…)

Yesterday, I weighed myself for the fourth time. And the scaled showed 206. So, in three weeks, I’ve lost 5 pounds!

The diet changes that are helping me lose 1-2 pounds each week are, as I mentioned, drastic. Before I explain them, I want to share a little bit of my dieting history.

When I was 14 and a freshman in high school, my mother, sister and I went on a diet. It was a diet “invented” by a maternity nurse from a Philly hospital. Basically she made a Franken version of Atkins and Weight Watchers. We had our first weigh-in around January 1, 2006 after two weeks of “eat whatever you want because soon you won’t be able to” shenanigans.

I don’t, honestly, remember my ‘top’ weight from that time. I do know that I spent six months going to weigh-ins every Saturday, eating tuna fish with mayo (nothing else) or a salad with exactly 1 tbsp of salad dressing for lunch at school every day, and perpetually feeling hungry except on Saturday, Sunday and Monday when we were allowed one “carb” per day. (This was not measured in grams of carbs, but in portions of specific foods; we could eat one medium potato or two slices of bread or ½ cup of pasta.)

The dream was to hit our goal weight not just to be skinny but so we could then enjoy hard pretzels to “maintain” weight rather than keeping losing. Because pretzels sounded really fucking exciting when I was trying to swallow canned tuna + mayo as fast as possible.

The diet worked… sorta.

I lost 30 pounds in six months. I got down to a size 8. That summer I had a two-piece bikini that I actually felt good in. Mom stopped wanting to pay for weigh-ins (it was $3 per person per week to be measured on a scale in a borrowed doctors’ office). And I essentially stopped following the diet. Though Mom tried to keep me eating whole wheat pasta (barf) instead of regular white pasta and she continued to use her weekly food log.

Around the end of high school, I started experiencing frequent gas and intestinal discomfort. I didn’t really know the source, though my guess was I’d grown lactose intollerant because dairy seemed to be in the meals that led to acute symptoms. (And the only other food allergy I’d heard of at the time was peanuts.)

For years, the gastro problems worsened and I gained weight.

I lost medical insurance at 22 years old and before that I’d never thought to see a doctor for the belly pains and poo problems, so I didn’t pay out of pocket to get help after.

I’ve shared about this before… In April 2018, after receiving an intuitive message to stop eating gluten during one of the worst incidents of stomach pains of my life, I stopped eating gluten. I noticed immediately that my belly was doing better. I stopped spending so many nights in the bathroom.

Yay for relief!

I ate lots of potatoes after that, because I’d created the belief that I only feel full when I eat “carbs” and potatoes have always been my favorite. But to be honest, I still felt gnawing hungry every day. I rarely, if ever, felt satisfied for more than an hour after eating.

Also — and I didn’t really take notice until this changed — I used to spend HOURS of my life obsessing over what foods I would eat next. I was in near-constant decision fatigue because although I’d cut out gluten I still had so many other food choices available.

So in May after my friend Jacquelynne K Holmes shared with me her curiosity about the carnivore diet and sent me some links to YouTube videos about it, I too got curious about what would happen if I only really ate meat, eggs, and cheese. I wanted to feel fuller while eating less food (from a practical money standpoint I felt like I spent so much money on food to never really feel satisfied), and seeing people like Dr. Ken Berry talk about feeling satisfied eating meat-only made me wonder if it was the best way for me too.

More than anything, my hope was to feel better in my body! It wasn’t truly tied to a specific result, certainly not a weight-loss type goal.

And that’s when I loaded myself up with Angus burgers from Walmart, and eggs.

I found quickly that I love eating in a way that is essentially more restrictive than the diet I resented at 14 years old because of its restrictions. (Ironic, right?)

I found that one ⅓-pound beef patty topped with 1 tbsp of butter leaves me more satiated for longer than a plate of meat, potatoes, and broccoli used to.

I avoid vegetables except on rare occasions. If the mention of poo problems above made you uneasy, I’m not sure why you’re still reading and the next sentence will make you uncomfortable: I swear, I’ve found that if I eat even one grape tomato, I feel constantly over the next 24 hours or so like I have to poop. The gas and pressure on my bum are no fun and so I generally avoid vegetables. I’ve chosen to deal with the consequences to eat steak “salad” at Chipotle maybe three times this summer.

I do find I can usually eat a pickle and not have a problem; there seems to be something about fermentation that works for my belly. (This is actually a standard part of the argument for the carnivore diet; that cow stomachs are built to process vegetables in a way that human stomachs aren’t.)

I also cut out sugar from my coffee (used to drink up to three cups a day with 2-3 tbsp of sugar in each cup!). It only took a few days before I actually really enjoyed my coffee with half-n-half but no sugar. [I’ve since bought SweetLeaf Stevia with two flavors, Vanilla Creme and Caramel, and they’re a nice treat when added into my coffee.]

As I mentioned above, I was totally sugar free for about 21 consecutive days. Then I started allowing myself ice cream once a week. For a while after candy corn showed up in the local Rite Aid, I did go a little crazy eating candy corn a few times a week…. I learned that it’s hard to talk my mind out of sugar UNLESS I’ve been diligently about eating/drinking fats. Bulletproof coffee is my current trick for relaxing my mind and getting off the idea of walking to go get more candy corn LOL

OH MY GOD!!! And I haven’t shared one of the most exciting results thus far! By the time I weighed-in this August at 208 pounds, I found I have slimmed down enough to fit in a size 14. It’s been literally 10 years or more since I fit a size 14!

At least once a week, someone else asks, “Hey, have you lost weight?!” and I’m so excited to share with them as much as they’ll let me!

Here’s the thing… Before that fateful conversation with Jacquelynne about how intrigued she was with the carnivore diet, I’d come to believe my health was probably as good as it would ever be. I was convinced I was meant to be “fat” and always would be unless I put in six hours a day at the gym. (I only prayed I never needed to ask for a size bigger than 18.)

I also thought shopping would always be a traumatic thing for me. (I avoided clothes shopping for years; I bought myself shoes, purses and two jackets in the years before May 2019, and any of the clothes I wore were given to me in bags by friends for whom I provided the valuable service of taking the things they didn’t want to wear anymore. LOL) Even when I was the skinniest I’ve ever been — that summer I wore a size 8 — I could have an absolute breakdown in the dressing room. The number on the tag meant that much to me, and seeing a camel toe could make me hyperventilate.

I took myself to Marshall’s in August and I actually had FUN trying on new clothes. I didn’t know for sure what size I would be though I’d guessed based on the way my Levi’s were fitting that I was at most a size 14 now. So I took a bunch of pants into the dressing room and I almost did a jig when I tried on size 14’s from Abercrombie & Fitch! (The cool-girl brand I never got to buy or wear in high school.)

They fit! They cost $30 though and I actually thought to myself, “I don’t know how long I’ll wear a size 14, I might be a size 12 next month” and so I held off on purchasing. Because let’s be honest, I think it would be fun to be a size 6 (maybe a 4 in “forgiving” brands) and now that I’ve totally upset (in the best way) the I’ll-always-be-a-size-16/18 paradigm I’d been living in…

I don’t see why I couldn’t drop to a size 4/6! There’s always BEEN a “skinny” Rosella inside; I know this because every time I imagined myself wearing a chic outfit, I imagined a lean body without lumps and bumps and wobbly bits.

It’s been incredible to me to witness this shift in my identity. I’ve gone from a woman who simply hoped never to gain enough to have to wear a bigger size, to believing I was worthy of feeling physically better, to now knowing that I am capable of losing weight. My body is capable of miracles. I CAN look the way I’ve always wanted to look, and I can enjoy the journey to that ‘end result’.

Please know I’m truly, truly enjoying the journey! It’s fun to observe changes in myself and to have opportunities to make choices for the improvement of my health.

And I’m really, really feelin’ myself in these size 14 Ellen Tracy pants. 😉 (Though forgive the shitty picture quality)

Now it’s your time —

Create a life beyond belief!

xoxo Rosella

MOTIVATIONAL * The Effort Accumulates!

This post started as a rant against an idea I think is absolutely stupid (see paragraph three) and became a motivational thing. I got SO FIRED UP writing this for you. I hope you love it.

Have you seen or heard someone recently say something like the following?

“When you post for the sake of posting, your energy is off and your people pick up on it. Don’t be consistent for consistency’s sake. Share what’s on your heart to share when you’re lit the eff up!!!!”

And honestly, I DON’T RESONATE. And the idea is, for me, totally de- motivational. Now…

I’m not saying I’m always consistent.

But let me tell you this:


And I’m not saying I didn’t feel good when I wrote that post or published it.

But I AM saying that getting attention matters.

And I’m now really tired of the people giving you the bad advice to post only when you feel like it.

I’m not saying that you should feel guilty for not posting.

But I AM saying that the post-only-when-you’re-lit-up strategy is fuckin’ hard to rock when you’re population: 1 in Struggle City.

Laaaaaaadies and gentlemen, I’ve been MAYOR of Struggle City. There have been stretches of imbalance where I spent waaaaay more time feeling down, depressed, angry, bitter, etc, and if I waited until I FELT good to post, I’d a maybe posted once a week — and SOMETIMES DID ONLY POST ONCE A WEEK because someone got this idea in my head — and those were the SLOWEST times in my business in a straight-up cyclical fashion. I didn’t post because I felt “off,” I didn’t get business because I didn’t post, and I continued feeling bad because I didn’t have business coming in.

The Effort Won’t Kill You

I’m not saying that your energy doesn’t matter, and I’m not saying that you don’t deserve to feel good 90-95% of the time. (I’m a fan of a 5-10% margin of suckage just like I loooove when I’m in doubt.)

But I AM saying that effort made in ‘off’ moments have a cumulative effect. The effort won’t kill you.

Motivational: the Effort accumulates!

Just Consider THIS!

Dude. I NEVER used to move my body. I’d find every excuse to stay in the house. Many stretches of days where I didn’t leave the apartment at all even to check the mail were a real thing for me. Why? Because as a kid I’d absorbed a lot of baaaaaaad ideas about my body. “I’m not athletic.” “My body moves awkwardly.” “I’m big-boned and it won’t change.” “I’m just meant to be fat.” “Exercise means sweating and I don’t like to sweat.” On and fucking on. I told myself effort toward a leaner, healthier body was pointless.

Now? I walk daily. My daily step counts are increasing. Now I DESIRE movement. I crave it. My body begs for it. The effort is good. My body feels BEST when making an effort. And in the last two weeks, the cumulative effect of all my efforts (including diet changes) have led to multiple people commenting on how much I appear to have lost, with one woman saying I look like I lost 45 pounds. Like, holy wow! That’s amazing!

Getting to the Point

My point? I used to think I shouldn’t make the EFFORT. That something about me or my body made me the exception to the Law of Accumulation of Efforts. And clearly I’m not the damn exception. I’ve just proved it to a whole group of people who’ve seen my fat loss in the last few months/weeks.

THE LAW OF ACCUMULATION OF EFFORTS is the “LOA” I think we could all pay more attention to.

So go ahead and fucking post when you don’t feel like it. Even when it doesn’t look like it’s happening, when the clients don’t seem to be coming, and the stubborn pounds keep hanging on, when the guy/gal of your dreams just doesn’t wanna step into your life…


P.S. I wrote this for myself as much as for you. #RemindingMyself

P.P.S. Did you find this motivational? Tell me in the comments where in your life you’re going to exert some effort today!