For Emailing Your Audience:


This is the perfect tool if you’re just starting. It’s pretty simple & straightforward to use. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube for anything you might need help with. I’ve been a Mailchimp user since 2015.

*When you join Mailchimp using my referral link, it costs you nothing extra, and I get a $30 credit to use to send my valuable content to my people!

For Your Website:

GoDaddy-Hosted WordPress

A cinch to set up through GoDaddy (I delayed a switch to WordPress for a long time because I didn’t want to figure out hosting). I love WordPress because I can add plugins to meet so many needs. And an SEO plugin allows me to make my blog more search-friendly. (Yes, I get traffic to my site from Google!)

Squarespace (back-up)

My first website was a thing my boyfriend built me with actual coding. (LOVE him for it, but I quickly needed more.) So I turned to Squarespace because it felt easier to set-up at the time than a WordPress site. I had a beautiful website with Squarespace. I left Squarespace because I wanted the back-end functionality of WordPress for my blogging, and I wanted to be able to set up products, payments & subscriptions differently. But Squarespace is still a good option for the design-inclined who doesn’t want to stress finding a good WordPress theme.