How To Think Creatively To Grow Your Impact & Revenue As a Service Provider Right Now


Even if what you do is technically a luxury, there are still people who need and can pay you. And likely you just need to add additional offerings at different price points to support them!


You think, *Nobody needs me now. They’re not going out. They’re tightening their (money) belts. I’m done for!*

Realize there are now people working remotely who have to show up for video conferences and would pay to have someone show them how to wear what they already have.

(So maybe you create a Shop-Your-Own-Closet Session that you charge $100 for.)

Realize there are people at home decluttering and wanting to purge things they’ve not worn in a long time. They might find they have long-forgotten pieces that they frankly never wore because they don’t know how to style them, and are available to pay you to inform them.

(So maybe you add a virtual style board incorporating one item they already own for just $35.)

Realize there are women entrepreneurs who still want cute selfies to publish with their audience-attracting content and she knows her frazzled brain cant do more than pick out the T-shirt with the least cat hair on it, but she’s down to pay you and feel like a supported queen. {Because that’s the vibe all of us needs more than ever now!}

(She probably needs your normal package.)

Realize there are new moms who, though, yes are at home, want to feel good in clothes that fit their new body and their husband is in a field getting overtime so she can spend to work with you.

(For her you mail a tape measure, do a virtual session to measure her and get to know her personality, and then you shop for her, and do another virtual session when her new clothes arrive to test how they fit on video. You send her a PDF with 15 outfits using her new clothes. All for $2500.)

[Though, in this last scenario, I’ve mentioned where the hypothetical client is getting the money to pay you, that’s not actually your business… This in your business ⤵️]

Your business is to know that clients still want what you offer. In fact there may be more clients for you now than ever before. (And honestly, it’s a choice to believe that.)

Your business is to show up and talk to them about where they’re at and where your services can take them, and address their fears and questions as best you can.

Imagine you’re a DOG WALKER at a time your community is in quarantine…

You’re invited now to think creatively about how you generate revenue. Some possible ways to creatively generate revenue:

  • Pre-sell your services, so they buy a package of X # of walks or pay for a month’s worth.
  • Create online info products about all things dogs (including expert interviews where YOU interview veterinarians on different dog-related topics).

And if you’re willing and able to still walk the dogs then it’s time to ramp up your “advertising” and get creative in seeking new clientele. This might mean:

  • Posting in Facebook groups for your neighborhood.
  • Contacting the mom-and-pop animal supply store or groomers to ask if they have an email list that they’d email on your behalf, and offering to give them a referral fee for any business generated by their efforts.
  • Contacting local older adult center(s) — places the senior citizens don’t live but visit during the day — to put out there that you can walk dogs if they have them.
  • Contact local healthcare recruiters because they have clients who are likely working overtime right now and may not be able to easily get home to walk their dogs. The recruiters can contact their clients and refer their clients to you.

Every service provider is being asked by these times to think more creatively about who needs us! (And to realize how vital each of our roles are!)

What do you do? If you comment on my post on Facebook, I’ll give you a few reminders of the types of people who need you now.

In reflecting upon this earlier today, I realized…

You may need to receive this encouragement:

It’s OK if you’re struggling to think creatively about growing your business at this time. In fact, that’s normal, and it’s a stress response.

When we’re stressed out — even during times when our communities are not in quarantine to protect vulnerable people from a pandemic — our brains go into survival mode. And it’s perhaps impossible to think creatively in survival mode.

A perfect prescription for you is TIME AWAY FROM THE PROBLEM. That might seem hard to create for yourself when you’re stuck in your house, surrounded by reminders of bills that you’ll need to pay, but if you can, you’ll be able to return refreshed.

In fact, you could set an alarm on your phone for a time later today or tomorrow or in three days from now when you’ll “sit down to figure this out.”

I’m putting this in quotes because this is what I want you to tell your panicked lizard brain. “We’re taking some time off now, but I promise we can resume freaking out until we reach a solution at 9 a.m. on Monday.” Then you go in another room and put on Frozen 2 to watch the kids’ favorite movie for the 10th time this week. Or you pop that gluten-free pizza in the oven and pour a glass of wine. [Wish I’d bought some before PA shut the Wine & Spirits LOL]

You literally need to give your body and your nervous system some freakin’ rest, sister.

Your solutions will come by way of creative thinking when your body is free of tension.

In fact,

here’s a little meditation

you can practice on your own any time after reading this paragraph:

Imagine yourself on a lounge chair oceanside. There’s an umbrella covering your face. A breeze across your body. Your loved ones by your side (or you’re totally alone if you prefer). You’ve just put down the book you were reading, and you’ve taken a sip of your favorite drink. You hear the waves crashing and birds talking and it’s beautiful. You drop one hand over the side of your chair and into the sand. You take sand into your hand, and then you slowly tilt your fingers toward the ground and watch and feel as the sand runs out of your hand. It’s absolutely devoid of tension. You notice this. You FEEL it in every part of your body. You pick up sand over and over, watching it fall gracefully — and free of tension — from your hand.

OK! So there’s your little meditation to release tension.

Create an environment that feels good and beautiful to you. Play music you love. Light a candle. Anything to set a mood.

Then allow the answers to come to you.

Creative thinking should be much easier then.

And if you still don’t seem to have the ideas or solutions, seek guidance.


I’m thinking of creating a very low-cost monthly membership that would help you grow your business with creative thinking about the people who need you, the offers you can create for them, and ways to increase your impact in scale with your profits. Would you want in? Comment below or DM me over on IG (@theRosellaLaFevre).


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