Today, June 28, is my golden birthday. That’s right, I turned 28 today! And you get to benefit from my birthday revelations. There’s so much more I want to share but let’s start with the three ways I plan to be of service going into my future!

These are Birthday Revelations about how I can be of service to the world now & later

Here’s how I desire to be of service in my 28th year and beyond…

No. 1: Creating and selling life-changing programs and products for “low-ticket prices.”

There’s one on my heart and mind right now that I will be launching soon. You’ll have 10 days to make your decision to join me in FULLY HER.

This is going to be a course/challenge type program focused on getting you into Decision and Full Commitment to a Vision of you fully expressed and highly successful. We’re talking about a really big “impossible” goal for you (personal to you) and deciding and committing to it.

For months, years, maybe even decades, you’ve left your arrival at this level of business success up to chance. You’ve gotten on trains headed in the totally opposite direction or even just stayed stalled out miles from your destination. You’ve waited for someone to hand you the ticket. I know because I’ve been there. And I know that no one really ever showed you how to get your mind, body, and spirit fully onboard to manifest success this big.

No worries. We’ve got this.

You’re about to have your ticket punched, love. And we’re gonna get the train moving.

FULLY HER will be a 3-week immersion with 3 live calls/videos, 16 lessons, and 6 totally new meditations. It’s gonna be less than $200 during the early bird period. I’m so excited to bring this to you.

Want more details on FULLY HER when it’s open for enrollment? Jump on over to Facebook and request to join my group >

No. 2: Working really deeply for years with amazing clients who come to me for coaching and support.

I’m gonna admit something I think I’ve only shared once before: I really deeply desire to fill 1-3 spots in the most intimate support package possible for the fee of $100,000. I’ve not totally known what that would look like, just felt the energy of requiring that much to work with me in a very specific way.

That energy has been swirling around and through me again and a few more details came through. For the right person(s), this would be “lifetime” coaching with me. That’s the word I heard around it.

I see these details so far: One year of unlimited calls and unlimited text/voice support. During that time, access to any program/product I launch. After year 1, one call every 6 months and unlimited text/voice support. Lifetime discount of 30% off any coaching packages (like if you wanted calls again) and other offers.

There’s more that will be revealed to me, I can feel it. And I’m grateful that these pieces of the vision have revealed themselves to me.

No. 3: In some other really massive ways that I’m not ready to share yet!

I’m asking myself why I ever bother mentioning this if I’m not ready to share details of the vision for these other ways I desire to be of service… Here’s why I’m mentioning this and keeping the details secret: Because I’ve finally, around my 28th birthday, given myself permission to keep some things close to my chest and to be protective of my dreams and visions for as long as I want to.

I never used to resonate with the memes I saw that said, “Be quiet while you make big moves.” I mean… I wanted to be the person who could do that, but it felt impossible. There was something in me, I think the result of past trauma, that compelled me to share everything, and I’m past that now. There’s a new story in me around this…

It is fully safe for me to keep BIG SHIPS docked quietly in my harbor until they’re ready for launch.

PLEASE SHARE IN THE COMMENTS how you desire to (and will be) of service now & later.

I want to hold the vision with you and cheer you on!

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