How To Be Happy Now


Sometimes awful, embarrassing, low-down, I’m-the-worst-life-is-never-ever-getting-better, can-this-please-not-be-real shit happens. Like having your card declined for $13 of food at the Dollar Tree when you’re waiting for more money to come in. And it’s totally justifiable to let that make you feel miserable. Or you could… you know… Be happy now.

Let’s take a look at how you can be happy now…

R.S.V.P. NO to misery.
Stop delaying your gratification.
Choose HappyHappyJoyJoy NOW.

First, a story. It was 2017.

I only had one credit card with me. I was grabbing groceries. The card got declined. I stalked out, leaving my carefully selected items at checkout.

Outisde, I called the credit card company.

First, I shouted. Then, I cried. Sobbed hysterically, actually, on the phone with the card company’s service person.

I had carefully planned this. I was counting on these food items to carry two of us through until the next anticipated client payment.

This could really ruin a person’s day! But it didn’t ruin mine, and in fact I taught myself that day how to choose to be happy now. Read on…

Be Happy Now Step 1: Bring Awareness to Your Current Circumstances and How You’re Responding

What did I do? I brought awareness to the situation and my response.

As I talked and as she talked and as I sat on hold, the thought rampage I had was painful. I put my attention there: on noticing the thoughts racing through my stressed out mind.

I actually sat there, waiting while the customer service person ‘investigated’ and wrote down all the thoughts that made me feel shittier than the simple experience of having my card declined for $13 of stuff.

My thoughts looked like this:

  • I don’t understand why I keep manifesting my card getting declined and being embarrassed I can’t pay for something
  • I am so weary
  • I am so, so tired
  • I feel so wrong all the time
  • Wrong that I don’t have money
  • Wrong that I can’t just have a day job and be satisfied
  • Wrong that I claim to be worth more but don’t receive it

Be Happy Now Step 2: Sprinkle Wisdom on the Shitty Thoughts

Reviewing the list of thoughts I’d just typed out, I decided to apply some wisdom. At the top of the list, I typed a new word.


Yup, lies.

Because, really?

That’s exactly what any thought that makes us feel worthless, wrong, less than, or just plain sick to our stomachs, is; it’s a LIE. It’s bullshit.

But also? Thank goodness for the bullshit and the doubt we sometimes (or maybe frequently) feel! Embracing the doubt helps us manifest what we desire, including happiness, as counter-intuitive as that may appear.

Be Happy Now Step 3: See the Bigger Picture

That’s OK that bullshit thoughts and lies show up for you. It’s probably a sign that you’ve made a decision to move forward.

When we decide to uplevel, the part of our brains that wants to keep us safe may create drama in an effort to pull us back from the ledge.

This happens, and again, it’s OK. You’re SAFE.

Be Happy Now Step 4: Finish Feeling The Yucky Stuff

So I sat there, typing out the lies in my head that were making me sick. I sobbed, my shoulders jackhammering.

Even as I let myself go there, a voice in my head was pulled back from it, observing, listening to the sound of my sobs. This consciousness that observed my reaction quietly held space.

So, I cried a lot that afternoon. I just let it happen.

Any thought that makes us feel worthless, wrong, less than, or just plain sick to our stomachs, is a LIE.

Rosella LaFevre, Manifestation Teacher and Long-Haul Master

Be Happy Now Step 5: Give Your Body What It Needs & Monitor Its Signals

After hanging up with the credit card’s customer service who explained that my bank took back a payment it had allowed to process through to the card, I came back upstairs to my penthouse apartment and I laid down for 10 minutes.

I felt how part of me wanted to hold onto anger and upset over my card getting declined, and another part of me knew that holding onto that anger wouldn’t serve.

Be Happy Now Step 6: Notice Unproductive Thought Patterns & Interrupt Them

I heard an old record in my head. “I’ll be happy when the next sale comes in, I’ll be happy when something changes, I’ll be happy when I get…”

All these thoughts were contributing to my feeling unhappy. I recognized them as an old & unproductive thought pattern.

I pulled the needle off that old record when I chose to ask, “What would I receive if I decided to be happy NOW?” This is an example of an afformation, where you pose an affirmation in the form of a question.

You can also use regular affirmations to interrupt old thought patterns.

Now over to you! Leave a comment and tell me: Are you happy? If not, can you allow yourself to be, regardless of what’s happening outside of you?

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  1. What affirmation or afformation will you break out the next time an old unproductive thought pattern pops up making you unhappy?

    And if you have a question about what you’ve just read, feel free to leave a comment. I check them all and will respond!

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