Hey! I’m Rosella LaFevre, and…

Mother-lovin’ you back to life is MY job.

😩You, Then: Mom’s LAST priority
🥳Now: Making 💵 as a coach
😩Yet YOU feel NUMB

I’ll Mother You As You Always Deserved

They called me “overemotional.” I knew bottling up my emotions would kill me. I’m so grateful I never stopped giving myself permission to express my feelings.

I’m the daughter whose mother couldn’t really be there for me. She was emotional unavailable. Repeatedly denied my needs, even when communicated in writing. Repeatedly called me overemotional, dismissing my feelings. Repeatedly telling me way too much about her ahem romantic life.

But through this, arguably my biggest challenge in life, I learned to validate my own emotions years before I had to earn my own money in life. Even when I was chided and derided for it, I committed to expressing my emotions in the moment (usually through tears or writing, my two most natural ways to express myself).

And in the years of processing the trauma of emotionally unavailable parents as an adult, I’ve discovered that I naturally did things that are taught in trauma resolution:
➡ Expressing feelings without reservation in a physical way (crying, punching pillows, etc)
➡ Writing things out
➡ Acknowledging my safety in my present circumstances
➡ Sharing the story of the trauma with others when they’re open & it feels safe
➡ Connecting with my inner child & giving her what she needs

I turn to these practices regularly. They are the foundation of inner peace & emotional well-being.

It doesn’t mean I’m a robot! I get angry, jealous, petty, judgmental, and all the other feelings/emotions any other human does. But I DO look for the lesson in each of these emotions. I look for the history of my body’s sensations tied to whatever emotion has come up.

I give to myself so that I can keep raising the standard for how good life gets to feel on the whole.

And THAT is exactly what I want to do with you as your coach.

Elaine reported the following after a one-off coaching intensive session with me:

In one call with Rosella, she made a brilliant impression. She is insightful, intuitive, intelligent, sweet, and practical. As well, Rosella is a great listener. She has the ability to listen for your greatness and also to listen for your stories. She helped me sort out where I could shift my mindset to create more freedom and abundance. She is filled with wonderful ideas and eager to share them. She is a great resource”