Hey there, I’m Rosella LaFevre!

As a Business Coach, I help women entrepreneurs to:

  • Command aligned fees
  • Cast off the mindset of underearning
  • Finally feel valued, recognized, and appreciated for their service

With my help, a graphic designer closed a sale, with payment received, in a mere matter of minutes, for 3x’s the amount she would have charged without my coaching. (Read Sarah’s story on the home page.)

My client Susan has said this about me: Rosella is a great coach. Her unique way of putting things, with an openness that is refreshing, that has drawn me into her way of coaching. She is helping me to make strategic and mindset decisions for my company going forward.

Another woman, Elaine, reported the following after a one-off coaching intensive session with me:

In one call with Rosella, she made a brilliant impression. She is insightful, intuitive, intelligent, sweet, and practical. As well, Rosella is a great listener. She has the ability to listen for your greatness and also to listen for your stories. She helped me sort out where I could shift my mindset to create more freedom and abundance. She had carefully studied my business model from my online presence before our call, listened intently on our call, and had a list of awesome tips and advice to share with me. She is filled with wonderful ideas and eager to share them. She is a great resource for any business.”

Business Coach Rosella LaFevre helps women entrepreneurs to command aligned rates, cast off the unearning mindset, and finally feel valued, recognized and appreciated for their service to others.

A range of professional experiences back the work I do as Business Coach. I’ve worked as a freelance journalist. I’ve worked part-time at a PR agency. I’ve done marketing consulting. I’ve worked as a residential lease administrator. And I’ve been a business coach since 2017.

The Birth of Rosella the Business Coach

How did I become a business coach? I get asked this a lot, and I’m always happy to share!

Starting in 2014, I provided done-for-you marketing services to a fun & diverse group of clients. These clients included an interior designer, a staffing agency’s chief exec, a lawyer who memorably wrote about the weed industry, a Canadian costume jewelry company, and a residential leasing company, among others.

Then along came a wellness coach, who I so deeply wanted to support and see grow a business from $0. They’d invested in support with a number of consultants and agencies, but had no paying clients for their coaching. I took over management of this client’s social media and website.

Then things got tricky.

Nearly every time I asked this client to make a decision, provide information, make time for an interview so I could create content, or to write something themselves for their website, I received an excuse, delay or an admonishment for not being able to, essentially, make shit up on their behalf. I saw the patterns of being, thinking and doing that kept this client from creating a palpable impact and generating money. Yet I felt unrecognized and unable to provide the feedback that could’ve saved this client time & expense.

I’m embarrassed to admit that before this client released me from work with them, I resigned myself to not getting what I needed to provide the best service, and I simply looked forward to collecting payment.

This was NOT how I wanted to feel in my work, and…

I wanted to be in relationships with clients who recognized my ability to call them out on where they are stuck.

I realized then that I wanted to stop doing the work for clients and instead guide them through their own self-limits to success. I saw this client kept small by certain patterns, and felt powerless in that relationship as it was to help her overcome the challenges she wasn’t even acknowledging.

Now I know that this client, in every way that they challenged me, was mid-wifing a deep desire that I hadn’t yet acknowledged: I DESIRED TO BE A BUSINESS COACH.

Now I had experience signing $3k, $6k and $50k+ clients for done-for-you services. I had my experience and knowledge from professional experience in journalism and media relations. And I had a deep desire to serve others who had big ambitions like I’d always carried.

I started work with my first coaching client in 2017.

My Clients & You ⤵

I’m grateful to work with clients who come to me because they want me to call out the self-limits and guide them through creating a new identity at the subconscious level — the identity of the expert or service provider creating an impact while commanding aligned fees.

I care that my clients feel valued in the work that they do and I know that money is one part of the equation that adds up to feeling valued.

You deserve to go out for celebratory dinner with your loved ones, not worry about the bill, and feel really proud of the work day(s) you’ve put in. (Or some other celebration scenario that feels good to you!) You deserve to celebrate your impact and your financial freedom every moment of every day!

You are a woman entrepreneur with a heart of gold and I stand for you commanding aligned fees, casting off the mindset of underearning, and feeling recognized & appreciated for your work.