The nudge came from somewhere inside. It was a quiet voice. It said, “Write about everything you’ve been hiding from others. It will feel good to tell the truth.” I opened my heavy 15.6″ HP Laptop and began writing.

From the first word that hit the screen, I KNEW that, despite all reasonable resistance, I would hit publish.

I heard the voices in my head of the people who love me, and I clearly heard them saying, “You gotta fake it ’til you make it,” and “Don’t share that!”

But the writing poured out and while I spent a moment freaking out just before I hit publish, I actually DID it.

When I shared that post titled “Here’s The Mess In My Life That I’ve Been Hiding From Everyone,” I was soon overwhelmed with the support. A few people commented on the post within my group applauding me for sharing, and others privately messaged me thanking me for sharing because they were going through challenging times that they didn’t have the courage to talk about.

I knew then that my life had changed.

At the time I wrote that post in March 2017, I had just gone through the most challenging months of my life. It all started when I realized I was burnt out serving any client with any marketing need as a consultant. I’d planned to launch a new consulting model in my business in early 2016, and things didn’t go the way I hoped. I continued serving random clients until I decided to let go all but one. The resulting lack of income created a lot of challenges, and I worked on my mindset with a coach’s help, but I still narrowly avoided homelessness and encountered other messes.

And finally, I was tired of trying to be someone else in marketing a business that wasn’t doing much for me.

So I sat down for my first #TRUTHLETTING session.

Truthletting is what I came to call the act of vulnerably sharing what’s happening in my mind and physical world as I work to allow and receive the life and business of my dreams.

I know like I know that writing is a powerful tool for living your dreams, especially if you desire to become wealthy and make a lot of impact just by being you.

If your name is your brand, your face your calling card, and you want to create a truly successful transformation business, you must commit to actually doing it your own way, by your own rules.

Do you know how you can figure out those rules? The way things work best for you? FEEL best for you?

Yes, connecting with your stories and sharing with others is how.

I live this.

Every time I share a piece of truth online, I get new friend requests, members in my Facebook Group, sales, call bookings, and more. I feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically when I share my truth. It helps me step into a higher vibration so that I can call in all of the outcomes or results I desire. (Making the expression of truth my own favorite way to access my god-like power to create.)

The woman I am now is so much more than I maybe ever envisioned being. I never, as I studied journalism in college, thought I’d be here, doing the work I’m doing now, writing the way I now write, and believing the things I now believe.

And yet, in hindsight, it makes so much sense.

The truth is, I knew from 14 that I really didn’t want a full-time job when I grew up. That’s when I interned at the Environmental Protection Agency. I don’t know what role the work I did played in the larger picture of protecting our Mother Earth. I just know I spent 6 weeks that summer sitting in a cubicle, walking past homeless people each morning on my way in, and freezing in the A/C while listening to Hanson on my mom’s yellow Walkman. My eyes struggled to stay open in the fluorescent lighting. I just couldn’t wait to be done.

Some people are built for that life. I’m not about it. (And you’re in the right place if you’re not about that 9-5 life either, unless you recognize it as a temporary stepping stone to something bigger for you.)

Even as the daughter of an small business owner, it took me a shockingly long time to realize that choosing to avoid the 9-5 path meant I was choosing to be an entrepreneur. (Sometimes we avoid the parts of ourselves that, once embraced, would create the biggest change in your life.)

At first, I wanted to take what I’d learned studying journalism at Temple University and use it in a career as a freelance magazine writer. I imagined myself writing long features for glossy national pubs like Marie Claire, penning recipes for Bon Appétit, and building a following by blogging about romantic relationships à la Ms. Carrie Bradshaw.

Actually, I even started an online magazine while in college that made maybe $10 from 4 issues. And I dreamed that I might someday found and edit a publication for 20-35 year olds who live in Philadelphia, but I’ll have to find a money guy, I thought. (Did you read the big money block there?!)

Post-graduation, I ended up writing about business, the arts and hard news for Philly-area publications, and wrote a few pieces for Pacific Standard, and Philadelphia magazine.

As I chased greater payments and a deeper sense of fulfillment, my freelance journalism career shifted to serving as a marketing consultant, and when I got burnt out serving anyone with a marketing need, I kept my eyes open. I was looking for a new way of serving, creating, and selling that would feel amazing.

Now here I am. I write books and blog posts. I speak on video and in person to audiences. I create programs and products for those with a desire to build their own empire according to their own rules.

I stand for the belief that sharing your most vulnerable truths will set you free and enrich your life in a way you probably now imagine impossible. I stand for your success and your right to ignore the rules, create your own, and break them when it feels right. I stand for you making a lot of money & impact. I stand for it all happening for you with ease and joy. I stand for incredible transformation that is more exciting than big payday.

Are you ready to meet the woman you’re going to be?
Are you ready to show up and shine your light so fully that your dreams just snap into place?