7 Major Changes I Made in 2019


How I Changed My Life in 2019
(A.K.A. 7 Major Changes I’ve Made Jan. 1 – Oct. 6, 2019)

It’s quite silly, really, this story I habitually tell myself that I’m stuck in the same place; that no matter how hard I try, I’m just treading water and staring at the same view.

I found myself beginning the old narrative in a moment of self-pity. And I — thank god — snapped right out of it. This year I’ve made major, impossible-to-ignore changes and the results have been astonishing. (Hello, size 14! It was nice knowing you, size 18.)

In reflecting upon them, I felt really excited to share them this way. I hope it serves you. And, if I may, I encourage you to keep watching! I KNOW other, big things are coming through. I can see the next change or three I’ll be making, and I’m seriously enjoying the steps. Recently, my ego wanted to rush into making the next logical (and soul-led) change that I know is coming. In that moment, I felt utterly confident that I get to enjoy being in this new energy created by making the 7th change for a bit longer. I’ll know the right time to make my 8th big change as it will come without an anxious, pressured feeling.

Now onto the list of the 7 big changes I’ve made so far in 2019!

1. I took on a job.

January 1, I started as Lease Administrator. I’d worked in a contract position very, very part-time with the company I rent my apartment from over the past few years. They had the Lease Administrator position coming open and I took it. I seriously debated whether I would. I certainly NEVER in my life imagined myself working in a Leasing Office, and certainly did not imagine taking on more responsibility there.

Anyway, I decided to take the position, and I’ve found myself surprised by how much I appreciate some structure. The way my weeks are set up (I work as Lease Administrator 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and I have 3-day weekends) has worked for me, and I’ve still enjoyed a great sense of time abundance.

Working this job also acted as a pacifier. See, I’ve long felt pressure to be useful/productive. It’s, I’m sure, a result of parents demanding good grades in school. So working this job I didn’t feel as much pressure to do in my business. I could slow down and move more from faith than adrenaline.

In that space, I did so much more!

2. I connected with my body and made a habit of movement.

Surprisingly, my new position as Lease Administrator was physical. For the first few weeks, I was physically sore nearly every day. Sore back, sore legs, even sore arms. All from moving around my office and the 12-acre campus on which the company has several buildings, and even from all the filing! I remember joking about it with my boss at one of my first few meetings.

By March, I was craving movement in a way I’d never been. I started a daily walk. And using my phone’s pedometer capability, I tracked my steps, increasing from a high of 1500 steps to an *average* of 4500 and up to about 8500 steps in a single day.

My daily walks replaced near-daily naps. Seriously! I used to nap all the time! On days I took a walk, I didn’t feel myself wanting a nap. On days I didn’t feel like walking, I inevitably seemed to fall asleep for like 3 hours. (Well, I guess 3 hours of sleep isn’t really a nap, lol, but it also isn’t a full night’s sleep… so I’m just gonna keep calling it a nap.)

3. My internal clock turned back, so I enjoy starting my days early.

This wasn’t at first a conscious choice. When the Daylight Savings Time started in March, I woke up an hour earlier and went to work earlier than I was originally scheduled for. And I found I really liked starting and ending my work day earlier. That was when I consciously committed to earlier wakeups. From March 2019 through mid-September 2019, this meant waking up at 7 a.m. Before this, I’d always considered myself a night owl. Since late September, I’ve started waking up between 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. And this means my mornings have space for me to do the other things I’m going to share below.

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4. I started eating my own carnivore/keto inspired diet.

You’ve maybe seen my posts about this already. Around May 2019, I stopped eating most vegetables. I focused on eating meat, bacon, butter, and cheese. I drink water, butter coffee, or coffee with half-n-half or heavy whipping cream. I absolutely cut sugar from my coffees (when 2019 started, I’d been consuming approximately 3 tbsp in each cup and up to three cups a day). Full truth: I still eat sugar, but I work at not eating it every day like I used to.

On this mostly meat and dairy diet, I’ve really come to find that eating *any* vegetable makes me feel RAVENOUS and creates other undesirable effects. There really actually is no veggie I can think of that I don’t enjoy the taste of, but it feels really easy to not eat veggies. I honestly don’t want them.

And these diet changes have created amazing results in my energy. I used to feel tired all the time. I’d wake up tired. Now, I feel energetic often. In fact, being in the office has gotten harder and harder because I feel so energetic it’s hard to feel “stuck” in one place. I notice now when I feel tired mid-day it’s not because my body is actually tired or over-taxed or anything but related to my emotions, and then I can do the emotional work to shift and get back to feeling good.

5. I started meditating daily.

Every morning, the third thing I do (I’ll tell you about first thing shortly, and the second thing is usually going to the bathroom, LOL) is meditate. I use a guided meditation — whichever one I feel inspired to use — and get at least 5 minutes of meditation. I’d love to work up to 1-hour meditations. For now, I’m super proud of, and well served by, my 5-15 minute meditations. I feel good when I meditate early in the day. It’s a solid, grounded, safe feeling.

I also usually fall asleep listening to a guided meditation with subliminals and binaural beats.

6. I started rolling over first thing and writing goals & affirmations with my eyes still half-closed.

For years I’ve journaled. And I’ve done goal- and affirmation-writing on and off in different ways and rituals throughout the past 6 years. But new this year — and actually just since maybe August or September — is the habit of writing these the very first thing, before I even go to the bathroom. Literally, I don’t care how badly I feel I need to go, a page of goals gets written out beforehand.

7. I resumed the practice of writing a daily blog.

In 2017, I wrote daily blog posts and the practice was something I called Truthletting. I got out of the habit. Then in September, I felt inspired to resume the practice. I was excited about being the woman who writes daily blog posts. And so I made the commitment. (You can now sign up to receive my daily Truthletter: http://www.rosellalafevre.com/truthletter)

The Change That Came Before These

Many of these changes I’ve made this year are things I’ve previously “flirted” with. So as I write this, it seems to me there was another change, internal/foundational, that paved the way for these other 7 changes to stick as they have.

I think this foundational change was a form of death. There were a few weeks between when I was initially asked to take the job and when I actually assumed the position. In those weeks, I felt sure that taking the job meant something about me, about my faith in myself, about my desire to grow the online business that has been my dream + the focus of so much freakin’ effort over 6 years. I worried it meant something bad about those things. In the end when I took the job, I felt the death of some part of myself. And what is death but a form of surrender?

Surrender is absolutely, always, part of the manifesting process.

If you’re feeling stuck or stagnant, or you worry about how to use the last three months of this decade (how about those annoying-ass posts everybody’s making about that right now? UGH), it’s likely time you surrender to the circumstances. The surrender may feel to you like grief, and that’s OK.

If you want to make changes, start with surrender.

Surrender is definitely part of the “how” when you seek to
Create a Life Beyond Belief!

xoxo Rosella
October 6, 2019

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