This 5-Step Manifesting Process is How You Create Long-Term Experiences in Your Life

Learn the exact 5-Step Manifesting Process taught by Long-Haul Master Rosella LaFevre

In this post, you’ll learn the 5-step manifesting process, what you can create when you use it, why my approach to manifesting is foolproof, and what I’ve created using it.

There is a five-step process for creating anything you want. It looks like this:

1️⃣ Practice mindfulness, and specifically stop the negative thought train

2️⃣ Engage creative energy, and take one step toward the desired outcome

3️⃣ Be vulnerable, and take away the power the current circumstances have upon you.

4️⃣ Give it up to grace, and surrender to your desired creation entering life in its own damn way.

5️⃣ Worship your body, and give it whatever it needs.


What else do you need to know?

Honestly, You Can’t Fucq Up Using This 5-Step Manifesting Process

The beautiful thing about these steps? You create while truly practicing all of these steps simultaneously, so you can never truly screw it up. Though there are pitfalls to look out for, and skillful coaching can help you navigate.

These are the same five steps I used to course-correct when I was facing a possible eviction a few years ago (I’ll tell you about this in a future blog post!). They are the steps to manifest solutions to scary problems AND the steps to create awesome good things without drama. (Either way you need to use them, they work!)


They’re also actually the same steps I took to manifest the love of my life, and we celebrated our 9th anniversary this month!

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This is my methodology which can be used to create whatever you desire.

With This 5-Step Manifesting Process, There’s NO ROOM FOR ANXIETY

It’s simple as fucq, right?! In fact it’s so simple that part of me resists sharing it. But that’s also exactly why I had to.

What Can You Create With This 5-Step Process?

You can truly use this methodology to create anything you desire, including:

  • Tangible increase in your income that you’re set up to maintain with consistency. $10k or $100k months anyone?
  • Soulmate love. While I’m not going to call myself a relationship coach, you can use this process to manifest magnificent love as I did, and I can help
  • Gentle parting of ways from a narcissist (whether a parent, sibling or spouse) for the highest good of you and any two- or four-legged children in your life
  • Ditching a day job you don’t want and which doesn’t feel like the highest expression of your power and gifts
  • New upgraded living space
  • Your dream car like you drove it right off your vision board and onto your driveway

Here’s What I’ve Created Using This 5-Step Manifesting Process

I’ve used this process to create amazing things in my own life, including the following:

  • A magnificent soulmate love (we celebrated our 8th anniversary in May)
  • A client who has paid me for marketing services every month for 3 years (do you want a long-term client, or many?)
  • A penthouse apartment overlooking Pennypack Park in Philadelphia
  • Freedom from narcissistic & emotionally abuse family members (because not everybody deserves the gift of your presence and love)
  • Sales of trainings, programs and offers inside of my coaching business


Really, what is it that your soul craves next? What could you create if you intentionally applied this 5-step manifesting process? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for reading about my 5-step manifesting process! If you have questions about what the process looks like, feel free to drop them here in the comments.

    For a deeper dive into the process, I’ve got my course, LONG-HAUL MASTERY.

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