I Stand For Life Beyond Belief

There’s a perfect way to write this. To reveal to you the whole mission of my work, both on myself and for others. To communicate the depth and the wisdom, and the beauty of this message. And surely, I’m not about to pull it off.

Surely, what I’m about to write at 6:35 a.m. on a random Monday morning is NOT the perfect divine way to communicate this message. LOL

I haven’t had my Bulletproof coffee yet. I meditated but it didn’t feel that profound. I kinda think I need to spend 10 minutes in the bathroom if you know what I mean.

Surely these are not the conditions under which one should write the manifesto they will share everywhere online and put on the homepage of their website and in their refreshed/upgraded Facebook group.

Surely, writing it on a purple HP laptop that has seen better days (and let’s just say it: isn’t as pretty as a brand-new MacBook Air is) is not the way to do it.

Despite all this, here I am to write what my soul has asked me to write (audibly in my head a few times each day for) the last couple of days.

I’ve done these exercises recommended by a host of gurus and coaches I respect: write what you would say to the world if you were on your deathbed. Actually, I think I’ve done it a few times or thought about it more than that in the past few months. In the past, I’ve entertained and used to finish off my then-daily blogs with lines like: Your truth unlocks a whole big crazy life. Share if you dare! …or something to that effect. But that felt like a small part of what I wanted to tell the world, of what I want to show others is possible.

Then it came to me late last week as I was journaling in a dollar-store-bought spiral-bound notebook. See, for years I told myself I was above cheaply-made notebooks. That my thoughts deserved to be recorded in beautiful A5-sized journals with pretty covers. And of course, they deserve that. But also, there’s a lot I guess I won’t write in a fancy journal. Thoughts I think aren’t qualified to reside in such swank locale.

So as an experiment, I started using a ‘throw-away’ kinda notebook middle of this past month. And then, on a Thursday, it came to me. Actually, the language that came first that day was related to a money goal I set for myself and as I was imagining having reached it, I wrote, “It’s about the pride of having created something outside of ‘normal.’

Like the crack of lightning, it struck me: that’s exactly the goal at the heart of every other goal I’ve ever set for myself.

And I started googling words like “normal,” “ordinary,” and “unexceptional.” I also looked up their opposites: “exceptional,” and “remarkable.” And when I found the word “incredible,” its definition unlocked a divine way of communicating this.




adjective ● (1) impossible to believe. (2) difficult to believe; extraordinary.


BELIEF. Normal is about beliefs. Outside of normal? That’s BEYOND BELIEF for so many!

And when you accomplish something that isn’t normal? Others can have a hard time believing. It seems incredible to them. They sometimes become incredulous about your success.

I don’t know about you, babe, but that’s my ultimate goal: To BE so far outside normal, to live a life beyond common belief, so as to leave at least some people incredulous.

Everything I’ve journaled on, set goals for, tried to imagine for myself (and let’s be real, some things I can’t even form visuals of because they’re just that far outside of normal for me too right now), is really an extension of my ultimate goal: To create a life beyond belief.

For me this Ultimate Goal translates into the desire to experience so much:

– crazy levels of love that even I didn’t know to be truly possible

– depths and heights of creativity that my fear could try to hold me back from but which blow everything I’ve done before out of the water and totally just knock my socks off when I open myself to these experiences

– serious expansive freedom internally *and* externally to be/do/have what I want when I want and be beholden to no one else (because I believe this is fundamental truth but only rare living beings allow themselves to experience it *before* death… and everyone returns to the experience of it *through* death)

– insane levels of income and wealth as a reflection of the love, creativity, power and freedom I know myself to be at the core

– the transformation of my being through becoming a parent (someday, not in a rush for this)

– and more


Surely, this I have done for myself before: opened up to new experiences beyond what I at-one-point believed myself capable of being, doing or having.

I opened up to receive a love like I’d only kinda hoped I could actually find. (Unconditional love was not a thing I experienced much in my youth. I qualified to receive love if I were a good girl who got good grades.) Chris and I have been together since May 2010, and the man’s infinite patience and love for me is… beyond words, truly. Cue happy, grateful tears. Seriously, that this man can demonstrate love for me even when I’m annoying my own self? That’s a love beyond what I once believed to truly be possible for me.

I opened up to a kind of freedom I’d never thought I could when I said goodbye to emotionally abusive narcissists from my life. Honestly, cutting people out of your life with whom you have these specific relationships that I had with these people I cut out of mine is beyond what most people believe one can do. And I’ve known an indescrible peace ever since. It’s given me the space to process and heal a lot of trauma. I’m incredibly grateful to myself for having the strength to do what so many people don’t think is acceptable (saying goodbye to living people whose blood carries relative genes) because it’s been really good for me.

I did this again in a big, really exciting-to-me way when I opened myself to receive the kind of health transformation you could describe as miraculous. I did it by going beyond conventional ‘wisdom’ to explore new possibilities with my diet and as a result, I’ve lost a lot of fat from my body and am down to a size 14 for the first time in 10 years or longer.

I’ll do it again and again in my life: Choose to create a life beyond belief.

And it’s something I’m really excited to help others do for themselves too.

We get to become aware of the common or normal or currently acceptable beliefs that shape our current life experiences, recognize there might be a better ‘way’ and open our minds and our hearts to being shown the way to expand beyond the norm.

And perhaps the greatest payoff is the very simple-yet-profound measure of our mental/emotional/physical growth as human beings.

It is, of course, about expanding into the realm of writing your daily blog on a beautiful MacBook Air while on a plane to an exotic location. (Or, you know, whatever would feel luxurious and fun to you, like this would feel for me.) But more than that…

It’s about becoming, intangibly, more than you were yesterday or bigger than those who love you ever dared think was possible for you to become. (Cuz whatever they tell you you’re capable or worthy of is as much a reflection of what YOU previously expected for yourself as it is their own limitation.)

Where have your past beliefs gotten you? Where could your willingness to Create a Life Beyond Belief take you next?

Let’s find out, shall we?!

Rosella LaFevre says Create a Life Beyond Belief

xoxo Rosella

September 30, 2019

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