Take Up Your God-Given Space in the World

Welcome to my website!

I’m Rosella LaFevre, and however God brought you to my website, I’m so grateful you’re here!

Who am I? A servant of God! A woman! An entrepreneur! A life & creative business coach! A podcast co-host! And a creator of courses and digital tools to help you become the woman and entrepreneur God created you to be.

It’s Biblical truth that you were given power to create. (Even if you narrow that way down to simple reproduction: God gave the command to be fruitful and multiply.) And God calls us to continually shed the *self* to serve him and others. And I believe the coaching industry has overemphasized our role as creators, leaving out the One who created us, while also denying that evil exists.

While I used to think my work was all about knowing oneself and creating what the heart desired, I continually experienced shifting sands beneath my feet. One day I’d be 1,000% sure of “who I am” and then the next, I’d be utterly devastated by the realization I didn’t know who I am or how I’m supposed to serve.

This is because I did not stand on Biblical truth. I was making the self a god, ignoring the God who created me.

Now I stand on the Rock, and my stance is sure. My calling is to ANAVAH. This is the word that’s been interpreted as “humility” in so many Bible verses. What ANAVAH really means? Taking up your God-given space on earth, no more and no less.

Let’s do that together, shall we?┬áHere on my website you’ll find tools and support to help you do just that.

Let's take up the space God created for us to take up!

"A [wo]man's gift makes room for [her] and brings [her] before the great." - Proverbs 18:16 ESV

With Love,