Did you answer yes to these questions? Then you're ready to OUTEARN YOURSELF with Business Coach Rosella LaFevre!
OUTEARN YOURSELF, the free mini-course from Business Coach Rosella LaFevre will help you command aligned fees, overcome underearning, and finally feel valued for your service.
Business Coach Rosella LaFevre developed this free mini-course, OUTEARN YOURSELF, to help you Cast off the mindset of undercharging, command aligned rates, and feel valued for your service, woman entrepreneur.
OUTEARN YOURSELF, the free mini-course from Business Coach Rosella LaFevre is for women entrepreneurs who sell services or products over which they have full pricing control, and not for women in MLM or network marketing or who make their income exclusively through affiliate marketing.
OUTEARN YOURSELF, the free mini-course from Business Coach Rosella LaFevre will help you command aligned fees, overcome underearning, and finally feel valued for your service.

I’m Business Coach Rosella LaFevre

…and I’m so excited to help you OUTEARN YOURSELF.

With my help, women entrepreneurs see major shifts including an increase in their capacity to command aligned fees, successfully dismissing the mentality of undercharging, and feeling valued — finally! — for their work.

It hardly seems acceptable to admit when we’re feeling uninspired and unsupported financially despite all our efforts and good intentions to serve others… And so I am honored to create safe space for women entrepreneurs to admit something’s been missing from their business.

On the surface it is likely connected to the exchange of value for dollars with their clients and so that definitely gets our attention, and then we go deeper. Because if the entrepreneur ain’t happy, the business’ bottom line isn’t increasing.

What if you could make 3X what you’ve been charging?

{How my coaching helped Sarah receive for her services + expertise 3x the $$$ she would have charged on her own.}

>> In my presence, Sarah received a text message. It came from a lead that she'd told me about a few times that day. I knew how excited Sarah was to work with this woman.

And I fully believed that this woman was abundant and willing to pay fairly for Sarah’s work. You might say my belief in and for Sarah was stronger >> in that moment << than was her belief in herself.

I coached her through the text message she would send, saying yes to the project, while kindly setting boundaries, and asking for $750 for the project.

Left to her own devices, Sarah would have asked for $250 on this rush project, which could only be completed quickly because Sarah brings years of professional experience and knowledge to the table. I knew her efforts and expertise were easily worth $1,000, but I also had the pulse of Sarah’s financial set-point and doubts, and knew that $750 was a good stretch for her in that moment.

So she sent the text I coached her through writing, and then she prepared an invoice for the lead. Within minutes, the woman paid the invoice.


This lead of Sarah’s became a paying client. And this process was sped up because I helped Sarah to see what I saw, even without knowing her lead personally, and that was that this lead was ALREADY sold on Sarah. She only needed Sarah to present her with the opportunity to trade dollars for service.

And that’s why, within minutes of presenting that opportunity, the woman took Sarah up on it and Sarah had money on its way into her bank.

Borrowing my faith in her and her lead for that interaction gave her the quick win she needed to strengthen her own faith.

And it was SO much fun to celebrate with her in person as she got the win.



I help women entrepreneurs just like you to command aligned fees, cast off the undercharging mentality, and finally feel valued for your work.

What Others Say About My Impact

Cyndy Drew EtlerBest-Selling Author, THE DEAD INSIDE and WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS

You know how there are those people who are just different, in the right way, with their clarity, and vision, and heartfelt positivity? Rosella LaFevre is one of those precious few. I knew, when she was an undergrad frigging creating and running her own legit magazine, that she was gonna blow the world up with her good. I've known, over the years, that her generosity and honesty were taking her somewhere great. ...I see it in her eyes: this is her mission. This is what she needs to share, to help others shift to her kind of 'different.' What a beautiful thing.

Susan RyderCofounder, MyCompleteFocus CIC

Rosella is a great coach. Her unique way of putting things, with an openness that is refreshing, that has drawn me into her way of coaching.

One of Rosella’s best skills is mindset work.

I could go on for pages about how great she is. She Is helping me to make strategic and mindset decisions for my company going forward. She is not afraid to ask bold or potentially unsettling questions.

If you are looking for a coach, choose Rosella!


“In one call with Rosella, she made a brilliant impression. She is insightful, intuitive, intelligent, sweet, and practical. As well, Rosella is a great listener. She has the ability to listen for your greatness and also to listen for your stories. She helped me sort out where I could shift my mindset to create more freedom and abundance. She had carefully studied my business model from my online presence before our call, listened intently on our call, and had a list of awesome tips and advice to share with me. She is filled with wonderful ideas and eager to share them. She is a great resource for any business.”
- Elaine Reinoso 

Ready to OUTEARN YOURSELF? Let's get you commanding aligned fees, ditching the mentality of underearning, and finally feeling valued for your service to your clients. Message me to inquire about working with me as your business coach.