You were Mom’s last priority.


Now you get paid to have everybody's back.

To solve their problems.

To be the expert whose input they want.

It's quite amazing, at least on paper!

Should feel like a dream come true.

So why is there an empty feeling?

Why do you feel NUMB?

You should know, I get you.

I am the daughter whose mother couldn’t really be there for me.

She was emotional unavailable. Repeatedly denied my needs, even when communicated in writing. Repeatedly called me overemotional, dismissing my feelings. Repeatedly telling me way too much about her ahem romantic life.

But through this, arguably my biggest challenge in life,

I learned how to -- and that I absolutely HAD TO -- validate my own emotions.

This was, in fact, years before I had to earn my own money in life.

Even when I was ridiculed, I stayed committed to expressing my emotions in the moment.
** This is what motivates ME to be the person that others can come to about anything. You are safe to feel -- and think -- anything in my presence. **

And in the years of processing the trauma of emotionally/physically unavailable parents as an adult, I intuitively turned to these practices:

➡ Expressing feelings without reservation in a physical way (crying, punching pillows, etc)
➡ Writing things out
➡ Acknowledging my safety in my present circumstances
➡ Sharing the story of the trauma with others when they’re open & it feels safe
➡ Connecting with my inner child & giving her what she needs

These practices still serve me well with regular use. They are the foundation of inner peace & emotional well-being.

These same practices are, I came to learn, taught by trauma resolution specialists. They're backed by science and research.

The above practices are at the CORE of the work I do with clients inside of my private and group coaching programs.

Like I said above…

And this isn't a platitude to take lightly…

You deserve the Mother's love you didn't receive in great enough measure or consistency.

And YOU get to GIVE that to YOURSELF NOW.

I'm here to help you LOVE YOURSELF WHOLE.

Or… put another way… LOVE YOURSELF HOME.

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